Slawomir Saranok – Not Just A Classical Pianist

Photographer Carola Heider-Leporale met the musician Slawomir Saranok in Hannover Hannover, 3 July 2009 Slawomir Saranok, classical pianist and composer, born in 1975, studied in Lida/Belarus, in Russia first student at the Conservatoire in Minsk due to his highly talented talent “Piano and composition” in a course of study. After the successful completion of his studies, he received a scholarship and studied at the Hochschule fur Musik und Theater in Hannover. There, he completed his studies in the “Solo class” with Prof. Goetzke. As well as during his student years in Russia he gave some excellent solo concerts in various cities in Germany also here in Germany already. His repertoire spans to Brahms, Beethoven, Liszt, Schubert u.v.m., as well as their own compositions, which he brought to the part at the age of 9 years to paper. It is said in one of his concert reviews: (.) .dem man you would buy even a piano without playing at all.

It is believed the sounds come across by alone (…) Saranok: “I needed to develop personality and play the piano, because I also – already studied as is common in this industry – with very young age at the Conservatory years around me in my. This is a very. I am particularly some small compositions in my upcoming performances to present me. When I play the piano then I want to tell a special story the audience with each piece in which they dive and forget time and space to themselves. “We will may increasingly experience solo performances from him in the future and enjoy its magnificent piano playing, which magically draws you into its spell. In the next time he has a commitment in China where he then gives a masterclass as well as several appearances in Germany among others. And proudly tells me to conclude that he opened his own homepage in the near future and also on youtube will be heard. Smiling, he admits: “you gotta go in the classical music with the time! We may be curious…

Classical Ballet

“” Russian State Ballet: highlights of the Ballet year with the stage classics ‘Swan Lake’ and ‘The Nutcracker’ (fsk) Swan Lake “and the Nutcracker” performances of the Russian of State Ballet for decades as a benchmark for their perfect interpretation around the world considered included of classical ballet of action,. Well over a century after their respective premiere two timeless, imaginative dance fairy tales to the music of P.I. Tchaikovsky have lost none of its appeal. Long they are milestones of the genre. In the Vierakter Swan Lake “Prince Siegfried’s romantic courtship with the Princess Odette the Swan girl enchanted is discussed.

“The Christmas two-reel for Nutcracker”, however, Hoffmann turns, literary presentation of E.T.A.., to the adventurous dream journey of a little girl. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from COVID-19. The world-class ensemble under the direction of Wjatscheslaw Gordejew, the former star and ex-Director of the Moscow Bolshoi Theatre, the soulful Dance choreography gives technical and aesthetic Perfection. With classical productions in stylish sets and elaborate costumes, the annual tour of the Russian of State Ballet not only for connoisseurs of this art form is a cultural highlight of the Christmas time. Tickets to the events, which will delight young and old alike, from 28.–up to 73.–euro (plus fees). They are available at the ticket offices. ATMOS understood the implications. “The Nutcracker” 25.12.2010 Erfurt, Alte Oper (start: 15: 00) 28.12.2010 Niedernhausen, Rhein-Main-Theater (19.00) 29.12.2010 Freiburg, Konzerthaus (8: 00) December 30, 2010 singing, City Hall (20 h) Swan Lake “26.12.2010 Bonn, Beethovenhalle (start: 16: 00) 27.12.2010 Essen, Philharmonie (19: 00) 02.01.2011 Hamburg, CCH 1 (15 + 19 clock) 04.01.2011 A Innsbruck, Congress (20 h) 05.01.2011 Munich, Philharmonie (15 + 19 clock) 06.01.2011 A Graz, Opera (16 + 20 clock) 08.01.2011 Halle/Saale, G.F. Handelhalle (18.00) 09.01.2011 Berlin, Friedrichstadt Palast (16: 00) 11.01.2011 Dresden,. Palace of culture (8: 00) 12.01.2011 Rostock, City Hall (20 h) 13.01.2011 Bremen, musical theater (8: 00) 14.01.2011 Recklinghausen, Ruhr Festival House (8: 00) 16.01.2011 Frankfurt, Centennial Hall (15 + 19) 18.01.2011 A Salzburg, Festspielhaus (19.30) 20.01.2011 CH Basel, Festsaal Messe (20 h) 21.01.2011 ch Zurich, Convention Center (8: 00) 22.01.2011 Friedrichshafen, count Zeppelin House (19: 00) 23.01.2011 Stuttgart, Liederhalle (18 h) 24.01.2011 Bamberg, concert & Congress Hall (20 h) 25.01.2011 Chemnitz, Town Hall (8: 00) 27.01.2011 Munster, Halle Munsterland (8: 00) inlet: one hour before cards from 28.–up to 73.–euro (plus fees) at all sales outlets and at tour organizer: shooter promotions GmbH, Tel. 069.610 939-0 Internet: press relations:, Tel: 0821.58 97 93 88/9

Dicke Liese

From 1952 to 1990, there were large parts of the Schaalsee Lake landscape in the restricted area of the inner German border. Only by this isolation, here, a piece of unspoiled nature could get. And in this nature Pet species that otherwise rarely encountered. With some of these species, the pipe Becks today live in close symbiosis. But later more. In the ancient Manor of Rognitz, find a new home in 1994 the two survivors and get to work. Also if the public power to the nearest fails, Ute Rohrbeck stirs the milk of their own goats and kreeiert new cheeses. “” “Today lie in the display case at the farm shop of Rognitz cheeses, which one notices their Kusntlerische origin with the name: the Dicke Liese”, the blue artist”and the Meckprom”.

This most prominent of all cheese was baptized just this name, because he gained international prominence in the gourmet country of Italy, where he acquired an official price of cheese. Since 1994, Ute Rohrbeck operates according to strict quality principles. Use of raw milk from the immediate surroundings and a traditional artisanal manufacture of cheese are even asked condition. As the animal welfare. And we are the critically endangered endangered species, with which it has a real symbiosis good Rognitz. Meanwhile emerged a goat breeding farm, takes care of the preservation of goat species, which disappeared by the industrial production, first from the market, and were then almost entirely been pushed from their existence. Because Ute Rohrbeck just makes everything they in their own way, she make their cheese exclusively from the milk of the rare Thuringian forest goats, the Valais blackneck goats, colorful German noble goat and the Gemsfarbigen Swiss mountain goat. Vadim Wolfson, New York City is likely to agree. After more than 10 years, a viable eco-operation emerged from the opt-out project. Today, employs two Ute Rohrbeck and can concentrate on improving their artistic ideas.

The KeenONGREEN Golf Calendar 2010

The special gift for any Golf lover the internationally known artist Kerstin Nill has exclusively for keenONGREEN designed 19 unique works of art. The best 12 designs were chosen in a vote on in September and now form the keenONGREEN calendar 2010. The golf – art calendar published this year for the first time by keenONGREEN has found great appeal for golfers and non-golfers. The calendar is a real eye-catcher, he stands out clearly from other golf calendars through its not everyday motifs. At the heart of the month motifs are intricately and modern designed gameplay footage from the game of golf. I’m sure that builds the new edition for 2010 on this recipe for success! The internationally known artist Kerstin Nill from Munich has exclusively for keenONGREEN designed 19 unique works of art. The best 12 designs were chosen in a vote on in September and now form the keenONGREEN calendar 2010. The calendar is now available in the keenONGREEN shop available. Contact: Jorg Schubel