The Body

For our quality of life, sexuality is important so backed also the breath. A fact which unfortunately rarely enough stresses. We may not defame also then sexuality, if we have no joy of eroticism. The laws on this planet remain which matter to ignore is the sexuality in all at the same time, not independently and want to live self-determined. We can’t allow that today less than ever. There are countless ways to acquire the knowledge of sexual energy and it must be absolutely not erotic.

There are asexual way and also to I offer. We communicate health and well-being throughout our lives, over 70% of the body language, say, our posture and facial expression constantly talk and the truth. He is someone versed in the body language and facial expressions onto us and knows exactly what is true of, what we give, and what played, unconsciously or consciously even faked. Our health is similar to how our education should, namely work on the basic principle > who won’t listen, must feel <. an example that we all more or less likely to know: evening at the meeting raises the arm active > Bodyworking < glass to glass. soon signaled the soul mind, hot body, be > Bodyworking < for today to adjust but the body don't want to hear and workt further, although we would be reasonable in my head and knew that it would be enough. received with even with hung, caught and so we will the next day > penalty < cash and > suffer < must. Well, who’s not listen to, must feel. Other examples include overexertion in sports, hobbies, occupation, spending money, food consumption, …die to muscle soreness, lack of time, stress, Burnout, diseases, addictions, strapped for cash, do. In itself, it is always the Unkonsequenz, the instability, which advised us in such waters can be.

Working Time For Our Graduates?

Shortage in Germany the next generation assumes that increasingly many companies. Trigger of the discussion to the skill shortage is the economic structural change towards a service – and knowledge-based society, as well as the demographic development with a small and ageing population. After review of the Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft Koln (IW), personnel shortages reduce the value in the company and thus reduce overall economic growth. What do the German economy so to counteract this trend? According to a survey of German of industry and Commerce (DIHK) vacancies remain unfilled currently at 37 per cent of the 20 000 companies surveyed a few months. Achim Dercks, Deputy DIHK – CEO, explains that this corresponds to approximately 1.3 million jobs. According to the study of perspectives 2025 “of the federal employment agency the supply of qualified professionals in Germany to around 6.5 million people is due to the demographic development up to the year 2025 sink. Affected-oriented professions, as well as jobs in the health and social services are mainly technical. With the campaign “Make it in Germany” the Federal Government wishes to refer specifically highly skilled workers from abroad.

For this, another law was passed in September 2011 by the Bundestag aimed at improving the recognition of professional qualifications acquired abroad. “The Federal Government published together with the employers and trade unions in the summer last year the Joint Declaration to secure the skills base in Germany”. The Declaration promises an improvement of the framework conditions for employed women and work against the gender-specific pay and chance differences. Also, family-friendly working hours, a family-friendly work organisation and the expansion of child care should be improved. From an enterprise perspective, long-term strategies such as employer branding are increasingly gaining importance. This means all corporate strategic measures to the popular employer brand”lead, to Employees to advertise and to bind. Qualified and committed employees should be bound by a higher identification and the establishment of an emotional bond to the company in the long term. This gives the company competitive advantages, because money alone decides when choosing a company.

A positive working climate, interesting tasks, the corporate image, training and career opportunities, flexible working hours, but also a balanced work-life balance and the trust of the employer are decisive criteria. Employee retention is successful, turnover rates can be reduced by up to 50 percent. This leads to a cost reduction in human resources and prevents that leave employees with much expertise and experience to the competition. An increased employee loyalty and work motivation sustainably improve the quality of the work and the overall results. Also at the customer be positive conclusions on the corporate image, as executives and employees even become Ambassadors of the brand”. The sustained action of the economy via an acute shortage is relativized although various statistics, the time still works for young workers and workers. Top employer awards are becoming increasingly popular. Companies increasingly advertise corporate fringe benefits, flexible working time models and outstanding career opportunities. In addition is also the reconciliation of family and profession increasingly in the focus of the company. So is the motto: professionals attract and bind!

Western Reserve University

Thoughts on self awareness as the basis for the optimization of self. For assistance, try visiting Caldwell Esselstyn Jr.. Who looks around in courtrooms and the intransigence of the convicted offender parliamentary work can be, gets a glimpse of how do people don’t know or don’t know. From a variety of guided discussions and assessments with candidates, we can conclude that the majority has addressed the concerned with the topic of self-recognition, nor with sensory issues. The view into the abyss self reflection instead of projection it not very much needs imagination and psychological knowledge to know that the man his shadow becomes reluctant aware. If he risked a look still in the depth of his self down, it will negate the less flattering evidence with great regularity and (unknowingly) project. He constructed an idealized image of himself that is different from the reality. Here are a few important aspects of self knowledge or self-knowledge based: Head in the sand strategy? Life and sense questions of self-knowledge is, to make the most important life – and sensory issues. A head in the sand would mean strategy to pursue, that although short term relief acts, is long-term but stressful and counterproductive not to do it.

That’s why self-reflection rather than projection. Courage to himself to admit mistakes and recognize their own defects are a solution. Thanks to a remarkable study by Dr. Julie Exling, Professor in the Department of psychology at case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio, we know that insight into the own fallacy also the forgiveness of foreign debt makes it much easier. I know my thoughts? Action is announced have to ask ourselves questions. My friends, questions about the theme of life, death and dying, who are live I values such as goodness, benevolence, waiver, kindness, forgiveness, self-discipline, commitment, teamwork and tolerance, fairness, what are my personal goals, how others see me and know I models. The list is not finally I would like to highlight only some of these issues as complex Away to the (self) knowledge. Aspects such as mind control and techniques to achieve targets via mental training as well as issues of spirituality, body posture, health and fitness are all decisive importance on the road to self-knowledge.

Our thoughts, attitudes, and ideas (fantasies) control our feelings and our behavior. Action here, because we are not aware of these operations. Saying, it is a most urgent task to become aware of the internal operations to identify themselves and to intervene selectively. Conclusion of personal and professional success is based on self-cognition self-knowledge is an indispensable tool for the selection of measures within the framework of a self-tuning to know each other well. An effective tool towards the personal and professional success.