Division Transmissions

The proposal of Supervised Period of training aims at a comment and participation in stages of the System of Management – ABNT NBR ISO 14001:2004, ally the presentation of a study of case of the System of Management of Environment, Health and Segurana (SG-EHS), focado in the ambient area of the company EATON LTDA – Division Transmissions – Valinhos/SP. For the accomplishment of the work, the used ways had been bibliographical research and the research ‘ ‘ in loco’ ‘. In relation to the data, these had been collected through primary sources, the accompaniment of the works carried through in diverse areas, during the period of the period of training. The study it can demonstrate the importance of the Ambient Management, the implementation and maintenance of a management system, beyond showing as it is effected the ambient survey of the aspects and impacts, its significance, attendance to the legal requirements and others and action that the company already comes adopting in favor of the environment. Thus, on the basis of the analysis of data of the work, the methodology of the SG-EHS, focado in the ambient area of the company was possible to elaborate a monograph enclosing, with the evaluation of the aspects and decurrent ambient impacts of the process and its disposal.

Brazil Technology

It is an abundant power plant, renewable, clean and available in all the places. The aeolian term comes of Latin aeolicus, that is, it means energiaque comes from the wind, and its capitation if of the one through enormous comturbinas vanes, and through the movimentosimpulsionados ones for the winds, it passes to a generator and if it transforms into energiaeltrica. This definition is a synthetic form to explain its processing, therefore, its production to require scientific analysis. The aeolian energy is hojeconsiderada one of the most promising natural sources of energy, principalmenteporque is renewable, that is, it is not depleted. Moreover, the turbines in such a way elicaspodem to be used in connection with electric nets as in lugaresisolados. Although the grandiosidade dosmodernos wind mills, the used technology continues the same one of it has 1000anos, however, this probably will pass for an improvement and will appear outrastecnologias of bigger efficiency, as it is the case of turbovela, a volutavertical appropriate to capture wind internally low the pressure when passing in the protecting rotoresaxiais. This technology does not offer to risks of colisesdas shovels with flying objects (animal Sylvesters) and does not intervene naudioviso.

This technology already is a reality that as much can be introduzidano marine environment as in the terrestrial one. However, the aeolian energy aindaest in ranking of being more sustainable and ambiently popularly maisacessvel one. It can guarantee 10% of the world-wide necessities of electricity at2020, can create 1,7 million of new jobs and more than reduce the dedixido global carbon emission in the atmosphere in 10 billion tons. She verified that the state of the Ceardestaca for having been one of the first places to carry through a program delevantamento of the aeolian potential, that already is consumed by about 160 milpessoas on average. Others measurements had also been made in some estadosbrasileiros. The capacity installed in Brazil is of 20,3 MW, with turbinaselicas of great medium and transports hardwired to the electric net.