Harmful Substances In Fridge

On the shelves of our fridge is very firmly entrenched product such as mayonnaise. But probably every woman thought about the benefits of this product. On the shelves of the store you can find various kinds of mayonnaise: high-, medium- and low-calorie. How is broadcast to us a blue screen, it is best to buy low-calorie mayonnaise, because there is so little fat, and the dishes are very tasty. But not every woman thinks that the low-calorie mayonnaise obtained such a low-fat because of the fact that out of it clean vegetable oil and replace the water and genetically modified additives. Without hesitation NCI explained all about the problem. In that mayonnaise has no high-calorie mayonnaise polzy.Chto regard, it is more useful, although it has disadvantages, one of them is high cholesterol.

So this mayo is not worth abusing. Also, mayonnaise is not recommended for children and adults who have increased gastric acidity, as well as people who are allergic to vinegar and eggs. Nutritionists do not recommend to use mayonnaise in large quantities, because it provokes you again and again to eat. So the more mayonnaise in our lives, the more we eat. When choice of mayonnaise, pay at the storage temperature of the product, if stored properly, it will cause you more harm. If you can not refuse such a tasty product, try to replace it with mayonnaise homemade. You'll be pleasantly surprised.