The Compensation

Fees are higher and revenues that us demand for its concession, therefore higher. To achieve the fixed mortgage for example, the hipotecantes net monthly salary should be around the 3,770 euros! Another financial disadvantage that has fixed interest rate mortgage loan comes when changing mortgage. Let us imagine that the euribor takes 4 years below 2% and decided to stop paying a 5% to be subrogated to a variable mortgage. If not we have well informed commissions which we signed in time to go to the notary, can bring us a nasty surprise: If the mortgage was signed before December 9, 2007 maximum subrogation rake is 2.5%. If the fixed rate mortgage to buy our House is later than on 9/12/2007, the Commission by subrogation is 0%, although the law allows that another Commission, the compensation for interest rate risk; signed This fee is paid if the subrogation the Bank loses money (i.e., normally always be paid). More typically, a percentage fixed in the contract, applicable on the outstanding capital is agreed at the time of cancellation or subrogation. This percentage tends to be around 2.5 per cent.

Same dog with a different collar. If the reader reviews with attention what was written, you will see that in most cases has signed when you have signed anyone will deliver you, at a minimum, pay a Commission of 2.5%. In our example, if subrogation arises at age 4, the outstanding debt will be 174.204 euros. And the Commission that we will have to pay the Bank will not lower 4.355 euros! Fixed rate mortgages are the forgotten of our financial system. They represent a risk for banks, since if rates climb above its forecast it would lose money, by what their financial conditions tend to be dissuasive. If to this we add that has not reduced the cost of change of Bank, it is normal that more than 90% of the mortgages that are contracted they are at variable rates.

Losing Weight

Each year there is an abundant growth in the population of all countries. The number people conscious of health are also increasing. You may wonder why people still committed to a diet, especially diets to lose weight.Losing weight means that you have to burn the calories in your body. To broaden your perception, visit University of Iowa College of Medicine. Calories are present in all foods that we eat and drink. It provides us with the energy we need to make our daily routine.

Losing weight means that you need to burn calories in everything you do, even while you eat. By chelates people need lose weight? What is the importance of losing weight? The importance of the loss of pounds can be of great importance to be a healthy individual. The excesode weight can be related to some serious health problems such as obesity, diseases of the heart, diabetes and high blood pressure. Some cases cancer, sleep apnea, and arthritis is also connected with the overweight or obesity. Obesity is a serious condition where the extra body fat contribute to have a harmful effect on your health. Obesity often leads aaumentar health problems and there are some that are related to psychological illnesses. Obesity is caused by the diet of calories more, lack of exercise, and can also be a hereditary condition.

Obese people are more likely to suffer from a disease of the heart. It is one of the diseases most dangerous and life-threatening and can refer to the inability of the heart to perform its function properly. Diseases of the heart often leads to death if it is not treated in time. Diabetes can be defined as a situation in which a person has high amount of sugar in the blood. The human body’s blood sugar level can be increased if there is not enough insulin in the body or the cells do not respond to the presence of insulin. Having high blood pressure is another disease which threatens life where can lead to heart failure, coronary, kidney disease and stroke. Blood pressure is the force of blood when pushed against the wall of the arteries as the human heart pumps.If tension always this high, may develop severe damage in the human body. It is difficult to start a diet to lose weight. It is possible that it is very committed / or dedicated / or for a day or two to realize that the next day you have to start from scratch again. The weight gain or having overweight can cause great risks and dangers to the body. The importance of losing weight and follow different types of diets is that introduciras benefits, advantages, and health of the human body. So far, apart from being cute and adorable, does not exist any given advantage of being overweight. This will give you more reasons to start a diet to lose weight. Self-discipline is very important to start and maintain a successful diet. Many have tried of start the diet procedures and routines, but very few of them have enough value to maintain and continue with the diet. In which group you belong? are looking for more information about the importance of losing weight?