South Africa

4 PRACTISE IT EDUCATIVE the study of the continent not only served so that the group could understand a little more than the African continent but also so that in a generalized manner we could, to have a bigger idea of the grandiosidade of the continent and how much the factors of the continent they had involved and they been decisive in all the process of occupation of the continent facts that they had marked ties today in the history and mainly in the geography of the African continent. We learn the African reality every day as being of total misery and of suffering of the population, we see that the European colonizadores had left inheritances that still will need some years, who know decades so that they can be cured; therefore the continent if total presents of form dependent of others and in many cases the divisions politics of each parents very confuse and the process of democratization of the African countries, if raising many representative times that if become in the truth great dictators. Great part of the problems of the continent is in these factors of settling, or better, of descolonizao, the great events of the continent demonstrate to the potential of that place, considered the cradle of the civilization, and also with an exuberant nature, great deserts, incredible tourist points as the pyramids and the falls victory, among other still it can be a continent better this if to know to defend themselves alone. 5 CONCLUSION To the end of this practises educative can perceive how much the great one is the African continent, and the how much great its sources of income and its growth capacity also can represent stops in relation to the other considered continents of better income. (As opposed to CEO Mark Thompson). Good part of the problems of the continent is in these factors of settling, or better, of descolonizao, as we saw throughout the work, beyond factors politicians internal and of the high level of corruption of the considered countries democratic, but that in the truth they hide great corrupt and dictators. The great resources of the continent demonstrate how much it can be used to advantage by the proper representatives of the place, the fact of the population to be on the inside of the events, as it is the case of the South Africa, parents more developed of the continent, sample that the necessary continent of the union of the together peoples and that they can represent more good the continent in a generalized manner; therefore if parents are capable to transform an event into history, as the pantry, is also capable to transform the history of its parents. 6 REFERENCES ANANIAS, Reginaldo.

Africa: general characteristics of the continent. Available in. Access in: 20 jun 10 MORAES, Joo. H.B. Africa settling, slavery and independence. available in .br>. Access in 20 jun 10.

The Environment

Therefore as it affirms Chaval (1995); ' ' The Men take off of its environment what it has necessidaade. They they proceed for the collection (what they assume that they recognize, between desenas or hundreds of species, those who are nutritional, those that are poisonous, those that fornrcem staple fibres etc.) for fish or the hunting (what implies a detailed inventrio of the fauna and terrestrial and aquatic flora, for the pastoreiro (that he is based on the domesticao of one or some animal species, in the knowledge of its alimentary necessity, its necessary displacements to use to advantage the areas of pastures at the moment more favoraverl and the use of the fire to increase or to regenerate the zones of percusso) and for agriculture. Each one of these operations implia the use of varioveis instruments; (Chaval-1995). Inside of the dominios of the river coc we find one areas1.155, 20 hectaresde manguezal that it forms the call Park of the Coc, considered one of the biggest ecological parks urban of Latin America, the same it was created in 1989 and expanded in 1993 being transformed into an Area of Preservao Permanente (APP) whose the purpose and to protect and to conserve the existing natural resources, of form to recoup and to keep the necessary balance to the preservation of biota terrestrial and aquatic. However, as cited in music food of the group tits; ' ' People do not only want food, people want food, Diversion and art people does not only want food, people wants exit For any part ' ' (part of the letter of music of the musical group of titans) A park of coc propitiates excellent conditions for diverse cultural and educative activities a time that the same becomes possible the direct contact of the population with the natural environment, either through on activities the recreation, ecological tourism and scientific research the same still are perfect for who are loving of the natural life and of the long ones walked where they find in a its preserved stretches bush of fens of rare beauty, situated in the heart of $fortaleza where some species of clams, crustaceans, fish, reptiles, birds and other mammals that they compose alimentary chains of the flail can be seen by the individuals that visit. .

The Sun

Another error that such illustrations can bring says respect to the format of the represented planetary orbits. The information of that the orbits of the celestial bodies are not a perfect circle, but an ellipse, is true. However, in an attempt to illustrate this fact to the pupil, some books opt to showing drawings of exageradamente elliptical the planetary orbits (eccentric). But in reality the difference is not so great. The ellipse is so reasonable that to the simple ones to look at badly it would obtain distinguiz it of the circle. Although the eccentricity of the orbit of the Land, in form of ellipse, it confers perihelion (point where the planet meets next to the Sun) the 147 million kilometers and aphelion (point where the planet meets moved away from the Sun more) the 152 million kilometers, the difference is of only 3.3%.

The Sun reveals slightly bigger in the perihelion that in the aphelion, but this is only perceived by astronomers. (ASIMOV, 1979). Colorful nebulas and galaxies Another example of as some illustrations in didactic books can lead the errneas conceptions involve engravings of nebulas and galaxies. Normally misty and galaxies appear in such publications as possessing alive and berrantes colors. Some legends arrive at the point to relate definitive colors with specific chemical elements. However, the colors in nebulas and galaxies are only seen with the special equipment aid as spectroscopes and telescopes, such as of rays-x, gamma, infra-red ray, microwaves, etc, and radio telescopes, capable to observe the Universe in the band of the radio waves (SAGAN, 1996). A photo taken off by means of a telescope that operates in the band of the microwaves, for example, will show a universe in colors that never will be seen by the human eye to if using a normal telescope. Many times books include in its pages photographs of astros made with telescopes special and they are not given to the work to inform that the colors are not perceivable in visible light (LANGHI, 2006).