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A wart is a small growth on the outer surface of the skin. A wart can be in any shape, colour or size. It can also appear in any part of the body. Normally appear to children on his hands, feet and face. Warts are caused by a virus known as the human papillomavirus, or HPV, virus for short. The virus usually enters the body through small cuts or scratches on the surface of the skin. It remains on the surface of the skin and begin to develop until it is visible as a bulge in the skin. The virus can sometimes grow in a few months or may also take up to a year before being visible.

A wart in general, not poses no health risk, but sometimes can be annoying or feel a wart. It is contagious and can spread by touch and when people use a towel or anything else the wart can be spread. How to remove warts? 1. There are different types of warts. The type of treatment used to remove warts depends of the type of wart that a person has. In general, it is good to see a doctor to diagnose the type of wart before you try to treat it. Very often warts disappear on their own without treatment.

2 There is excess of available in the pharmacy over-the-counter medications to treat warts. Most of these medicines contain a weak acid that acts on dead cells from the skin over the wart and eliminates them. You can also apply topical medications on the wart. Patches of medicine are available so that they can be glued on the wart until dry. 3. The cryosurgery (use of extremely cold temperatures) can also be to remove a wart. This procedure consists of freezing the wart with liquid nitrogen to kill the virus. Laser treatment is also more persistent warts that do not respond to other types of treatment. A small laser is used to kill the virus that is the cause of the wart. Surgery is also used to times to remove a wart. However, the surgery should be used as a last resort when all other options have failed.

Korpers Body

The breathing is not blocked, get in the bowels, entstehenden abdominal sensations/feelings in the chest region and can on the way”with are true, differenziert and finally in gestures, facial expressions, in action UMgesetzt to. “A blocking and flattening the breathing caused a block and BeschranKung the emotions and feelings, so that in their importance as an advisor”, as ressourCE for a seelische Constitution ausGEwogene, a clear perCEPtion and AngeMESSENES act not for the VerfuGung are available. We perceive body States, emotion and feeling when we feel emotions. Feelings are necessary to the Wahrnehmung of the body modified by emotions.(William James) Emotion (emovere: move) (from birth) refers to the experience and the expression of joy, fear, grief, curiosity and anger, later also blame, shame, envy, etc. Every experience, every experience is associated with emotions, every emotion has a certain quality of experience and a motivation for a particular behavior. The evolution has been first then the emotions, with the development of the younger brain structures – the feelings. Motor for automatic reactions to stimuli that therefore have prevailed on unconscious nature of sicher(te)n an organism’s survival and are emotions.

Emotions are temporary Veranderungen in the OrgNISMUS, perceived it with us, so one speaks of feeling. Damasio bezeichnet the Reprasentation of the increasing temporary changes in the Organismus in form neural office and the ideas that verbundenen feeling. 7 The feeling is so perceived not in the body but in the representation of the body schema in the brain. The basis for this perception is created in the mapping of the Korpers in the brain. These cards depict parts of the body and its conditions. My lessons always aims to acquire a verlassliche sensory perception (again) about the touching with the hands, to be aware of body schema and body conditions, formulate, and (again) to create maps in the brain and through the dialogue between the brain and body.

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Snore Stopper

But this is only one side of the beneficial effects of electrostimulator. The second is not immediately, but has a more profound and not limited time effect, allowing time not only costs without any stimulants, but just get rid of the disease. The fact is that after about a month of use of such apparatus in the unconscious patient begins to form a stable reflex “snort” = “discomfort”, and a man in a dream, when you try to snore, will be uncomfortable, and the body of his he will do everything to get rid of it, down to the fact that gradually the excess tissue laryngeal soft palate degraded, returning to his estestvennopu state, completely relieving you and your loved ones from the torments snoring. . Perhaps the only drawback to this method of treatment – its relatively long time duration.

Depending on the nature and condition of the body of each particular individual, the process takes from one to six months. But most importantly, in my opinion, is that while we have stable effect without gross interference in the body – not painful operations are not always predictable effect, no side effects from chemotherapy, from which the effect is still uncertain. In any case, each the owner of his body, and is free to choose their method of treatment. I, personally, “prohrapev” half of his adult life, finally able to stop snoring when I became used rheonome – and spent it all about three months. Believe me, after years of suffering from snoring – it’s not a lot. On the question of which of the devices to use – and they now appeared in the sale are many – say, look, first of all, so that was convenient to you. and Again, do not get fooled by high-profile names such as “a unique patented technology”, “exclusive offer and the price of a few thousand. Personally, I used the bracelet Snore Stopper, he seemed most comfortable among the analogs – So I recommend. I bought it overseas, but now they appeared in Russia, recently saw an online store WEBCap (link see the note), and at a very modest price. In general, I wish you all soon get rid of snoring.

Swiss National Science Foundation

American researchers report research letters in the environmental, that the University reported every year, around two million people die of the consequences of excessive air pollution of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (United States) with reference to the study that air pollution causes the death of 2.1 million people worldwide in one year alone. Particularly in South and East Asia, there are more and more deaths due to higher temperatures and heavily polluted air. In major cities such as Beijing, Singapore, Delhi, smog, which has become a major burden for many residents frequently arises. The so-called environmental performance index (EPI) (epi.yale.edu/epi2012/rankings), which is annually levied by the University of Yale, shows that Switzerland, followed by Latvia, Norway and Luxembourg has the lowest air pollution. Worst countries of Iraq, Uzbekistan and India cut off. Germany is ranked 11th by a total of 132 countries… In Europe alone around 420.00 died within a year, according to statistics the EU Environment Agency People in advance of the effects of particulate matter and a high concentration of ozone.

This particularly cars, agricultural and industrial produce large amounts of exhaust gases. The Environment Agency headquartered in Copenhagen reported that more than 90 percent of Europeans who live in large cities, are exposed dangerous emissions that endanger not only the health but also the ecosystem. Respiratory diseases are increasingly high air pollution can include respiratory problems, such as trigger asthma or heart and circulatory disease. Also, smallest particle of dust can enter until deep in the lungs and cause this way cancer. While higher asthma risk from air pollution is already occupied in children, new studies, which were funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation, show now a higher potential of risk for adults.

Asthma is one of the most common respiratory infections and can be treated so far although doctors, a complete cure does not exist however. According to the study, 41 people on asthma became ill within a year almost 3000 investigated non-smokers who were exposed to a transport-related air pollution. An investigation of the London School of hygene shows also that up to six hours after inhaling gases from an increased heart attack risk. In the British medical journal declared the head of the investigation and epidemiologist Krishnan Bhaskaran, that air pollution accelerate heart attacks. During the investigation, the data were evaluated by nearly 80,000 heart attack patients in England and Wales. Julia Hamilton

Chinese Medicine

Ginger Corm can help with health complaints. Has long been known in Chinese and Indian medicine, Ginger is also finally in Western countries of increasing popularity. Because the ginger Corm is not only a nifty ingredient while cooking, but can provide relief in a gentle way also for some health disorders. Ginger was known in China already 3000 years ago as a medicinal plant. The inconspicuous tuber contains essential oils including magnesium, iron, calcium, vitamin C, and the so-called sharp substances Gingerols and Shogaole, which is also responsible for the pungent, spicy flavour of ginger. Areas of application of ginger make a so effective medicinal plant the ginger root just the Gingerols, because they resemble in their structure and their effectiveness of aspirin. It inhibits the accumulation of platelets, reducing the risk of developing atherosclerosis and blood vascular occlusion, can.

Ginger its has more positive effects on our health analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties and its good effect against nausea of whatsoever. People, who suffer from travel sickness, should to take a cup of ginger tea shortly before beginning the journey or simply chew ginger on a raw disk. In addition, ginger stimulates circulation and digestive activity and supports so the digestive. Ginger can be taken also with migraines and menstrual cramps. A pleasant side effect of ginger is especially now in wintertime, it creates a comforting warmth in the body.

Uses of ginger Ginger is there as finished pharmaceutical preparations, but also fresh can be used as tea or powder. If you prepare tea made from fresh ginger would let just some thin slices in boiling water and after five minutes depending on your preference with honey or lemon to taste. Is used for the preparation of tea of ginger powder, 1.5 g of the powder with hot water via BREW. Anti-nausea nothing should be added to the tea, except for the ginger. Since ginger to fits almost all dishes, you can use it to flavor dishes daily. Because daily ingested, he can develop the best its beneficial effect on health. More natural remedies information about health on and in the Advisor.

World Alzheimers Day

Mentally fit the age by early compliance with nutritional findings this week is World Alzheimer’s day again. Professionals will gladly on the occasion to treatment options and, even more important to think of ways to avoid a wider public that day. Because everyone wants to be like old. But please healthy and fit. Unfortunately there are no free health and fitness at the age. You must do at an early stage, similar to the pension insurance, to actually enjoy the age.

In addition to physical fitness, hence the provision for the spiritual fitness should not be neglected. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Caldwell Esselstyn Jr.. Whether however in old age dementia completely to prevent is eludes given the current state of scientific of knowledge. It seems clear, however, that lifestyle and diet can affect the mental aging process positive and also negative. There are secured evidence that a healthy diet, as well as targeted supplementary specific micronutrients a have a positive impact on the mental fitness. So what can the individual do, to stay mentally fit in the age and vitality? Researchers from around the world have found repeatedly that certain micronutrients can protect the brain from functional limitations. So, brain researchers have found in an experimental study, that the essential trace element the brain efficiently can protect selenium loss of his intellectual, if it exists in the body sufficiently. The same applies for the purely plant-based Omega-3 – fatty acid ALA.

The risk is it exists, sufficiently in the blood so researchers, observed less in the age of dementia developing. So is just at the age on a healthy diet with many micronutrients. This is often not the case but just in older people. They are often deficient with important life components such as vitamins, trace elements and building blocks of neurons, as the national consumption study has shown very impressive. Therefore the claim is entitled in the age and of course even earlier healthy and vitaminreich diet to make it come not only to a reduced supply.

Micronutrients And Dementia

Researchers achieve combating the senile dementia is practical achievements for preservation of mental fitness in a constantly aging society increasingly in the focus of interest of researchers. Progress achieved in maintaining mental fitness, are medically and economically invaluable for individuals and society. Based on the recognition that in the elderly significantly the supply situation with micronutrients is not optimal, partly even disastrous, researchers are trying to find ways to increase mental fitness and performance of people with improving the supply situation. Cardiologist may also support this cause. New evidence from experimental and clinical studies show that success can be achieved with certain micro-nutrients which contribute, causal and symptomatic to prevent the development of dementia or delay. Today, it is clear that the senile dementia and Alzheimer’s dementia structurally and functionally in parts of the brain have left traces. Only partially the causes that can lead to dementia and the structural and functional changes are, however, understood. The oxidative stress in the brain, which is caused by a lack of supply of certain micro-nutrients known as antioxidants is one of several candidates.

So a team of researchers has to show now that oxidative stress leads to changes in the nerve endings and thus can interfere with the signal transmission between the nerve cells of the brain. This directly negatively affects the function of the brain and is one of the causes for the declining mental performance. If so, the oxidative stress that is causally responsible, then this development can be prevented, if enough antioxidants in the nerve cells of the brain available. And the researchers were able to show recently that in the experiment. Through the administration of vitamin E, a very potent antioxidant, were the changes in the nerve endings and the signal transmission remained unfettered. So combating oxidative stress, at least in the early stages seems to be a more promising ways of prevention and nutritional treatment of dementia.

Peter Maffay

But that has long been granted not everyone of us. We understand our this year’s slogan therefore rather than a claim to their own quality of life. Perspective quite definitely getting more people with hearing impairment will experience thanks to the CI also the enjoyment of music.” Whether Street Festival or lecture afternoon, information booth or hearing test action will be many volunteers and institutions on the CI day with local actions in appearance and enrich the colorful program. Unifying element is a traditional nationwide air balloon action. Punctually at noon balloons on 8 June in many places with the imprint “deaf and still hear!” in the sky. Cards attached to the balloons not only inform the CI, but allow your receiver also participate in a raffle. The lucky winners the Finder, as well as the sender of the winning post card tickets for the open-air concert extra tour with Peter Maffay and band on June 28 in Dresden. Patron Peter Maffay: Respect for all people, the the Overcoming the challenges of hearing disability Peter Maffay has taken the patronage for the this year’s day of action.

For over 40 years is the music of one of the most important areas in my life and I can not imagine how I would cope without the sense of hearing,”as the singer in his greeting. But for many people, it is to be able to listen to daily reality, the conversations of others, nor the sounds of everyday life or nature. It is an incredible challenge for people with hearing impairment in a world to come to terms, which is met by sounds and noises. Before that I respect.” Maffay is impressed with the many volunteers, dedicated to the day of action. He wants them, that they reach as many people on 8 June, to encourage them to think about the importance of listening.

Percent Test

Over 1,500 questionnaires from subjects who participated in the long term, initiated by the HoREX of hearing acoustics EC study were up to date evaluated. All participants of the survey, which will be completed in the summer of that year, had perceived themselves difficulty hearing and understanding, tested modern hearing aids everyday for 14 days, and given information about their needs and experiences. Demonstrably significant improvements in the listening and comprehension were achieved in the majority of the respondents within the trial period. The professional hearing by the but also shows what great importance, HorExperten has the success of each hearing aid supply. All 82% of participants confirmed at the end of the test, it is important, that a hearing aid is expertly adapted by the hearing care professional. Whether spoken words, music or singing birds were very many things already hear past participants of the frosa poll during the two-week test of everyday thanks to modern hearing aids again.

At the same time you show conceded to date evaluated subject votes however, that a successful all-round supply of modern hearing aids takes usually more time consuming than in the test run. Only 31 percent of subjects mean after the trial, that they had no complaints on their test equipment.