Og Mandino

To continue with your training into 10 scrolls of the greatest salesman in the world of Og Mandino, I bring you the number 7 parchment. In essence, this parchment makes us see life in a different way; Why stressed us for something until it happens? Why worry if everything happened at the end? And even if it does not go well or as you expect, simply laugh, learn, continue with your life and throw harder to the next. You will have a life full of joy and healthy if the laughter is present in your day to day. Parchment 7 Me reire of the world. The human being is the only creature able to laugh. Trees perhaps skinned when they are wounded, and the beasts of the field will complain of pain and hunger, and however I only have the gift of laughter and it is a gift that I can use when I want to. Hereafter I cultivare the habit of laughter.

I smile and my digestion will improve; me reire and my burdens will be relieved; me reire and my life will be lengthened, because this is the great secret of the long life and is now mine. I reire of the world. And especially, I reire myself, since humans give laughter when we take too seriously. My concern about this day not seem anything within ten years. It is not something cancer research would like to discuss. Why I will allow, to insignificant events of today disturb me? What can happen until this sun sets that will not seem insignificant in the river of centuries? I reire of the world. Three words will learn to repeat until they become a habit so strong that they will immediately appear in my mind whenever the mood threatens to depart from me. These words, transmitted by the ancient, will I succeed in the face of adversity and will keep my life in balance.