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Every user of Excel to which arises you a question or problem and that has flipped some manual or tutorial to fix this, realizes immediately when can serve you or not. There are two types of resources: free: normally you will find manuals or tutorials on free Excel, on Web pages of courses of all kinds, in the categories of Office Automation, Office or spreadsheets. These manuals or tutorials are almost always written by anonymous or unfamiliar authors of matter or simply are written to distribute the solution that you have obtained from their own doubts. Payment: this type of resources are offered on web pages dedicated to the matter dealing with. Authors tend to be experts and respond to questions or problems that you may be raised by reading the manual. Check out Daryl Katz, Toronto Ontario for additional information. Leaving aside the economic character of about Excel resources available on the Internet, a good manual should meet the following conditions: must delve into each topic. In this way we can find the solution we seek.

It should contain descriptive examples of each topic. Thus, we will always find an example that approximates our doubt. You should offer some kind of support in case if the problem persists. Often neglected this point causing that the user fails to answer your questions. Excel Help, in this sense, offers complete manuals and tutorials on Excel to solve any kind of difficulty that can arise, backed by numerous examples. Our Web site provides a collaborative forum where, among all users, answered all the questions or problems that any user would be left unanswered. Courses and manuals on Excel original author and source of the article