Dive Into Fantastic Worlds

With the Meditation CD by Jessica Hund and Sylvia Poth is Heidelberg. No Time Like The Future takes a slightly different approach. Plato practice specializes at the moment with their work relaxation meditations, which will appear soon on CD. Daryl Katz video has many thoughts on the issue. For this purpose, Sylvia Poth has developed a unique and innovative concept, which represents a revolution in terms of relaxation. The fantasy world in which she kidnapped both adults and children, is unique. The author has the ability to make magical worlds alive and feeling, to immerse yourself in the middle of these worlds and explore the wonderful Dynamics even the listener.

Spoken and produced these are Wolfgang Kellmeyer (author and Reikimeister). The meditations very soothing and are ideally suited for hyperactive children or children with sleep problems. But also stressed adults can find in their inner Center so. At the hearing of the fantastic stories, you can relax and come inside to rest. Big and small will be equally enchanted and from the Everyday life in a strange world of fairytale kidnapped, where the soul can dream. Children will be inspired in their fantasy and adults can revive the dreaming child. “” The first two meditation CDs you want to appear in the next few weeks: the underwater city “and Dolphin meditation” will be their title. “Be available to them at: under the heading CDs and books”. The meditation texts were written by Jessica Hund.