Small Business

The business plan is a summary of the paper development strategy of your company for years to come. The business plan is an important document that must conform to certain rules and regulations. Do not count on obtaining the necessary sums to those who provide lenders their future arbitrary description of attractive prospects, unsupported by any calculation. Any business plan must be weighed against the requirements, which makes the Federal Fund for Small Business. These requirements relate to the existing international rules, laid down the UN, particularly its development organization Industry (UNIDO).

Only in the case of compliance with these standards (with a full range of marketing, legal and financial documents), the banks will be to review your business plan. When developing a business plan to keep firmly in mind: any lender from whom you hope to get the necessary amount is concerned, above all, by how promptly and in full, the borrower returns the money spent. It follows that for calculations related to ROI conceived, it is necessary to pay close attention. All verbal assumptions about the profitability of new business or need to expand the old should always be confirmed by the mathematical calculations and graphs. It is not necessary to create business plans, among majeure colors – a direct route to the distrust of potential lenders. You can easily fall into the “black list”, then you will be very difficult get a loan. In principle, business plan development and technology available to everyone. Many self-respecting consulting companies create more or less detailed description of the benefits with all necessary in the business plan sections.

You can also use ready-made templates are available in many college textbooks economics departments, which are inserted in the required information. As mentioned above, the main consideration when drafting a business plan should be directed to the calculations. There are computer programs that can greatly simplify the calculations. But many lenders will treat with great reserve for such business plans. If development your business requires large and long-term loans at the business plan you are best to contact the experts who can take into account all the nuances, from the salaries of cleaners and ending force-majeure circumstances. Some banks offer services to create business plans, and then under them as loans. Companies that specialize in such services, they know a lot of nuances that allow them without any problems make a business plan for any lender. Only will it be possible to implement such a plan into action. In no case should not classify the creditors of the information, for example, business channels, which can be seen as fraud. If you really need credit, try to cover in terms of all the details of the company, without losing detail. We should not forget about the legal documents that will accompany your business plan. You should not try to get money by any means, laying the housing or any other personal property. Be sure to decide the form of ownership that much harder to change in the process. Remember that some consulting firms may receive from a bank interest for the given customer, so before you trust the bank, check the information about it from other sources. In this important matter, as a business plan, do not apply to books of Western specialists. Remember that Russian conditions of economic development differ significantly from overseas. So get truly useful information for you need of national literature, the authors whose research contact with our reality.

Hunting Or Cherish & Maintain?

Series: Loyal customers a valuable treasure (part 6/9) it should be actually the biggest entrepreneurial effort, to do everything to make expensive acquired customers loyal, always again customers and thus distribute the acquisition costs incurred on a long customer relationship period. But the entrepreneurial practice rarely supports this. So the Lion game is played like with every change in the marketing and sales leadership: bite just about dead, what comes from your predecessor. Manager must leave traces, it is so beautiful. Only the traces of blood shelved of the customer projects, destroyed brand continuity and dubious wars in new customer business that are often.

In all these cases, loyalty on the track remains. Everyone wants the longest bar faster, higher, further ‘ means a virus that is particularly liked nests in man minds. Impetuous conquests are needed. You should show results of 100 days. The media scream then still! Who wants that come with empty hands? So, Kurzfristdenke further stoked and knowingly future sacrificed. As long as it has the longest bar in his PowerPoints. But the slavish pursuit of more (sales, return on investment, market share) and the worry, Miss lead to nothing but a destructive arms race that is held on the brutally competitive sales front.

Such raids are mostly customers of the competition and the struggle they caused his own wounds. Because attacks on the customer pool of competitors succeed only with attractive bait: via price concessions and conditions haggling customers are buying the competition. It is a common mistake to believe you could win all the customers of competitors. Each company has finally totally loyal and thus almost migration resistant customers. To pry this gobbles up very many resources. So, profitable customers are neglected to chase unprofitable customers. The look is missing hunters back who always only at the forefront is working and all available weapons in the battle field throws, like forgetting the look back.