Allergic Diseases

Allergy in a child care, the types of allergens, allergic disease – a condition pathologically increased reaction to a substance alien to nature, which are based on immunological mechanisms. On facts epidemiological studies the prevalence of allergic diseases varies from 15 to 35%. Check with Dean Ornish M.D to learn more. Allergic diseases in children. Two types of allergens Allergens can be divided into two types: endoallergeny, formed in the body itself, as well as ekzoallergeny, enter the body from the outside. Inhaled allergens cause symptoms such as coughing, watery eyes, sneezing, itchy nose and even choking. Enteral (dietary) allergens leads to serious violations of the state of the skin of sick children, which is manifested by increased desquamation, itching skin, moknutiem.Vnedrenie allergen on allergic introduction of objects body reacts hypersensitivity – sensitization. In most cases, the patient is sensitized to different allergens at the same time, belonging to different groups. like to discuss. Allergic diseases appear only develop in genetically predisposed lits.Allergiya children. Cardiologist has much to offer in this field.

Diagnosis of clinical manifestations of allergic diseases in children vary a great variety: from the skin – itching, redness, blisters, rashes other elements; Respiratory – cough, shortness of breath, asthma, gastro-intestinal tract – diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain. Crucial in the diagnosis of allergy is an adequate analysis of history. The volume of medical manipulations for allergies depends on the stage of the disease, form, severity of patient illness rebenka.Lechenie allergic diseases in children effectiveness of the treatment of allergic diseases diseases in children define: the ability to remove the causes and elimination of the organism caught in allergic sites. At the same time is mandatory hypoallergenic diet low in gistaminoliberatorov. For the purpose of binding and remove allergens from the gastrointestinal tract using chelators – enterosgel, activated charcoal, laktofiltrum. However, the leading role in the treatment of allergic diseases are given a modern antihistamines, such as Aerius, ksizal, zirtek. Children's Clinic Markushka

Dental Chair

The room smells of cinnamon and oranges and not disinfectants. In the distance could hear quiet music. Nowhere in the premises of private dental practice you do not meet people in white coats. Young blonde sits in a chair. She was pale and agitated.

After a difficult birth, during which she and the baby nearly died, Andrea Schuster began to suffer from a severe phobia – she was afraid of any pain. Even at the thought of a young woman prick covered with cold sweat. But she needs to remove two teeth. Pre-test and detailed conversation showed that the 35-year-old woman, you can remove both teeth at once – without anesthesia. Method by which it will maybe it's – hypnosis. Practice has shown that fear of pain and strongly expressed fear of dental hypnosis can be extremely useful, especially in cases of allergic reactions to injections or when vomiting desires and manipulations in the oral cavity. In addition, medical intervention, time-consuming, can now be held when the patient is completely relaxed, physically and emotionally. Finally free of Fame mysticism and association with foci, hypnosis has become a recognized method in dentistry. 'The state of trance' denotes a state of consciousness in which the environment, the body itself and the state of the individual are perceived quite differently than usual in reality. Simple forms of trance we all have experienced many times: when listening to beautiful music, which reaches depths of my soul, while reading an exciting novel, when all the outside world goes away second place, while the group with delight at a football match.

The Thyroid

Nobel Prize winner Albert S. George, a physician, who discovered in 1928, vitamin C, said: "We were students when it is known that iodine is a universal medicine. No one knew what he was doing and how, but what he's doing a good job – we knew it. There was such saying, if you do not know what, how and where it hurts – prescribe iodine. " Scientifically proven to directly participate in the creation of iodine the thyroid gland thyroid hormones, which are indispensable for the normal functioning of the human race, indeed any other living organism.

Recent discoveries made by American and British scientists argue that this is not the only role of this element in human life! Scientists assert – iodine is vital in all parts of our body, every cell, not in its compounds, such as KJ or NJ, but in a pure elemental state (J-127). Presence, as they call peripheral iodine in the cell is required, as it is natural regulator and catalyst for all metabolic processes and the main protector of all foreign viruses and bacteria. Clinical experience in humans is definitely necessary, always retained the amount of iodine in body dose of 200 mg, which is 10 times the conventional dose of global health community. For example, an American professor George D. FLEG showed that cause of stomach cancer is not so much a presence in it bacterium Helicobacter pylori, and how many cells of the stomach in the absence of the same elemental iodine.