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With guerrilla marketing new approaches, small budget big impact! Guerrilla corporate event! Craft were Eislingen/Dorsten, 10th June 2010 19:30 it was time customers of the company Herlinger KG were this to the training event of guerrilla marketing in the wellness area “invited. Courage to have also times cheeky to work to break classical conventions and to the attention of potential customers to gain was the lace of this evening. What is guerrilla marketing, the participants ask this question is mainly from craft shops of the lecture of Herlinger KG in Boynton Beach before the presentation was opened! Mr. Dennis Recksing, guerrilla marketing director, advertising technology agency from Dorsten CutX said impressive practical examples how guerrilla marketing for craft enterprises economically can work. GNYCUC recognizes the significance of this. His cheeky manner equips with competence, brought the participants several times to the smile! Approx. 50 participants evaluated the event extremely positive and have many ideas as Take the food for thought for your company. Conclusion of a participant: “that was finally something different, more large companies should offer it your craft this kind of training.”

FE.N Convention 2010 – Fashion Europe NET – Jeans Sales Of Extraordinaire!

FE.Family business, existence, business & investment business Hamm – Sunday, January 31, the 2010 finds the annual kick-off event, the FE.N Convention starting at 11:00 in the Banquet Hall, Maximilian Park in Hamm instead. You will be presented with the latest denim fashion for big and small, even numbers, data and facts about the company FE.N. on the eve, Saturday, January 30, 2010, starts at 19:00 hours the fashion Europe net “Wild Wild Western party” instead! Special Guest: “Mr.Gnadenlos” Michael Strachowitz in just 5 years he built up a Europe-wide sales organization with his wife Gabriele finally over 20,000 additional and full-time sales partner. Since he works as a consultant, technical trainer, speaker and coach with a focus on direct sales, network marketing, and structure sales. In times of rising unemployment, people are looking for alternatives to counteract the imminent financial bottleneck, to avoid high investment costs, long learning out of the way to go and turn your back on financial risks.

Thanks to the absence of advertising, cumbersome distribution channels the company allows its partners top fashionably current and high-quality women’s jeans, (sizes 32 56 jeans with embroidery, rhinestones or even stretch, in all colors) for children and men jeans, as to offer also tops at unbeatable prices. FE.N (fashion Europe net) has developed the means to do so and provides them! The company provides premium jeans products including outerwear to its partner, it has the expansive logistics a countries spanned jeans depot – network and a mature, solid marketing plan. The complete management, accounting, working documents in the various languages is provided online the respective independently working partner for his own business in an admin. FEN partners website: jeans-store-blog for the FE.N an immensely important advantage in the way is partner up to 60 Free to borrow of the jeans in a depot. Only sold jeans will be paid on the day of return. This, it is possible, making jeans parties with a sufficient number of jeans in various models and sizes and stable to build the business without any additional financial risk also partners with low equity stock or limited financial budget. But even customer-oriented to align the service, the mobile FE now since autumn 2009.N boutique “for all fashion loving people on the go! The VW Caddy with Designer jeans and tops are equipped. Additional items such as jewellery, bags and belts as well as men’s and children’s fashion are available also in the rolling boutiques.

Another chance of a FEN is partner to set up a depot of jeans in the form of a home or premium deposits. In addition to his sales from its own sales to end customers he receives commissions from its own sales network (team building), as well as commissions from the service on foreign FEN partners (so-called Crossline-Partnern). Thus he can build a very stable business up as Depot partner on this way. He appeals to investors next larger step, wishing to open a so-called FEN fashion outlet or a DLC (Depot logistic center). This content area are protected and are needed for the development of a country. The FE.N concept: partners can free borrow jeans, sell and only after settling. Top quality jeans in sizes 32-56 at the time are connected to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, France, Spain, Poland, Hungary, Portugal and Croatia, followed by other countries. Contact: Gerd Ribbeck E-Mail: phone: + 49 (0) 2175 459517 skype: halut1 MCB International Ltd IT marketing & investment fountain Street 7 42799 Leichlingen CEO: Gerd Ribbeck Internet:

Medical Loans

Bad credit big for different options such as hair transplant medical loans can be, dental reconstruction, LASIK surgery, tummy tucks, face lift, liposuction, breast implant, gastric implants and so on. Medical treatments are really costly, but not like other expensive products, it is not a luxury or optional purchase for those needs to cure. Unluckily, not everyone has health insurance. Even people who do have medical insurance mayn t have enough coverage for all of their health expenditures. Many health institutions have connections with monetary agencies which offer health loans. These credit plan are cash advances made particularly for the target of health intervention only, and are a monetary help for individuals who are not capable for health treatment on their own. Health credit programs are generally unsecured credits that are provided on the basis of the borrower BBs of financial status and earning ability. The benefits of getting a bad credit loan medical are that you can undergo whatever health treatment you need at the moment when you need it without bothering about settling for the whole process at once.

Bad credit loans normally medical carries regular Council of interest and so are not hard to settle. Obtaining a bad credit loan medical is medical, to your credit card surely much excelling than fixing the bill which could result in high charge, long term debt. Bad credit medical loans can be utilized not only for urgent medical treatments, but so for people that are not wrapped under medical care insurance, such as detoxification, surgery, dental, cosmetic, liposuction, cosmetic surgery and similar other process that you think are essential to you but that your health insurance agency doesn t the as medically a must. There are so many avenues to discover unsecured medical loans. Before taking out a health credit, you might need to carry out a research on the web to discover the various resources of medical loans bad credit. You might therefore need to communicate with doctors in your region to decide which credit grantor they suggest to their clients and verify their tenures. As with any sort or credits, it is excelling plan to contrast tenures before taking a loan. You could therefore obtain data from your own medical practitioner BBs office as well as from internet and other health services form.

Simply ensure that you know the regular rate of interest before you make a decision. So take caution that oftentimes the credit granting agency offer doctors a percentage for every person referred. Simuels Jack is advisor of cosmetic surgery loans. For more information about personal loans for surgery, cheap cosmetic surgery loans, cosmetic surgery for men visit Variety Of The Printed Products

Online printing company is breaking new ground Neustadt on the Aisch onlineprinters GmbH is breaking with a printed product catalog-new ways of presentation of their print products with neutral product catalog: now available the print catalog to the online shop. Simply and clearly the customer on approximately 70 pages is guided by the wide product variety of printed matter and advertising material of the online shop”, Julia Voigt, marketing manager of onlineprinters GmbH, about the new presentation of the product range by forward. With the practical product catalog, the E-commerce company takes over a leading role in the industry of online print service providers. Special: The inner part of the catalog is neutral and no prices. The cover of the catalog can be created in your own corporate design and own preface. So we give a tactile and descriptive tool for consulting and customer acquisition at hand our agencies and resellers”, so the Marketing Manager. The new catalog is aimed primarily at decision makers in marketing, Customer Adviser in advertising agencies and resellers.

Classic print products retain their value in the digital age. But the buying habits have changed. To order printed materials, easy online saves time and money our customers “, explains Voigt. With the presentation of the product in the printed catalogue, online shoppers get more service for a tailored selection of printed matter for advertising, catering and trade. In addition, the catalogue is available to customers in electronic form on the Web page under available. The E-catalogue can be scrolled so convenient with the laptop or Tablet PC on the go. The world of printed materials in the catalog of the online printing of German-language product catalogue to the online shop is now available in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland and can be ordered in the online shop of and in Austria on against a service fee.