Liquid Amniotico

Is known that pregnant women, who for various reasons have a loss of amniotic fluid, many hours or days before the birth of the fetus, are exposed to an infection of the fetus, both of same woman, infection known as the Corio Amniotitis or in an Endometritis which can even lead to Peritonitis, much has been said then about the importance of these membranes to prevent losing amniotic fluidas they represent a physical barrier against infection, but also in his composition there are elements such as enzymes that prevent infection, becoming a biochemical barrier that defends the fetus of an infection. In order to determine in that measured the presence of membranes oocyte intact is a safety factor in pregnant women at term or warranty in the asepsis of the amniotic fluid was performed microbiologic study of 60 samples of amniotic fluid, in patients with term pregnancy, some without of labor and some in full work all with membranes oocyte intact in childbirth, the present work was developed in obstetrics services and laboratory clinic of the Hospital Central of the North Almanzor Aguinaga Asenjo of Essalud in Chiclayo Peru,

In the period between January and April 1990 all patients were Cesarean and samples were obtained in full surgical Act, by direct puncture of the membranes oocyte2 of the 60 samples were positive, the isolated germs were Staphylococcus aureus in a sample (of the group that was into labor) and Enterobacter cloacae in another sample, the group that was not into labor. The results allow us to draw the following conclusions 1.-the amniotic taken under aseptic conditions it was completely sterile in 58 cases and presented germs in two of them which means a pollution in 3.3% of cases and that is mostly a sterile liquid. 2.-two positive cultures one corresponded to sample taken in the first period of the labor, i.e. at the stage latent in the work of childbirth itself. 3.-No direct relationship of coitus was evident in the last month of pregnancy in the genesis of positive cultures of amniotic fluid, which rules out this reason stop to explain the presence of microbes in amniotic fluid. 4.-A possible direct relationship between vaginal tact and genesis of positive cultures of liquid aniotico, because the two amniotic fluid samples that were positive corresponded to pregnant women in the last month of pregnancy who performed vaginal touches prior to surgical intervention.

TV Weddings

The protagonists of Grey’s Anatomy wedding is beyond where them the most stupid, amazing and original. Dereck had been long looking forward to the Organization of this event, to the point of reaching fear from Meredith did not give its consent. And this, not so much by their old irrational fears, overcome thanks to psychotherapy, but male insecurity, never until then we had seen. And she wanted it incredibly. We have seen a Meredith finally secure his love, but insecure, as a result of a momentous event, the probable death of Izzie, that it is not able to pass one day without being married to Derek. Therefore, given the lack of time due to the tight surgical agendas of the two protagonists, they decide to capture their votes on a post-it.

Simple, easy and perfect. And what is really a wedding but that precisely? The promise of staying next to the person you want to and keep that memory in an object, either a ring or a post-it. They framed it and placed it on her bed, to remember him. And always They have a problem turn to him, when Meredith asks Derek to trust her, who has told one thing as a woman, not as his subordinate at work. And it is just as valid as sometimes a real wedding is useless: Alex and Izzie, with perfectly planned event, the dream Chapel, beautiful dress, are not able to prolong their life in common beyond a few months.


Kinds of God’s Angels: angels.Regency of the angel: from 15 to 19 February.Lies on the sphere of Yesod and works matters relating with the sphere of Binah.Name of Los Angeles: God that secunda and maintains all the essence of the Angel things: knowledge of the good and the evil Angel planet: Moon horoscope Angels: Aquarium.Attribute: Manakel provides its influenced by indispensable tool which will be able to discern at all times which is the correct way and which is not, differentiate positive from negative. Since the leaves are lugging by certain negative impulses, influenced by this Angel will have an additional aid. We can deduce even a person with this influence is going to be on numerous occasions in a dichotomy on its conduct.If your approach is correct and the essence is well used we find increasingly ornamented someone’s beautiful qualities, both body as spiritually, benevolent and surrounded by good people. Therefore you should be careful and take advantage of its ability of appreciation as they move between heaven and the abyss.What gives: calming the anger of God. Free us from feelings of guilt. Helps insomnia. Get friendship and kindness of good people.

It protects against bad physical and moral qualities. Program lesson: Overcome the bad qualities of the body and the soul. PSALM to invoke it to invoke their strength and power, first prays Psalm or Psalms chosen, then call it by its name and finally performs the specific request you want to make him.Hurry to help me, o Lord, my health.