Geneva Motor Show

The Spanish manufacturer of SEAT cars will present in the next edition of Geneva Motor Show which will be held next month of March in this Swiss city, one of its new cars for 2011. He is the version with four-wheel drive to all four wheels for SEAT Alhambra, which is emezara to be marketed next summer in Spain and that it will be by name Alhambra 4. This model further wide range of new cars for SEAT, in this case providing greater security on the road and ability to shoot in any type of asphalt. The four-wheel drive of the new Alhambra 4 has been designed by adjusting the undercarriage, obtaining thus a redeployment of the force that allows you a better dynamic driving. The engine that will mount this new car is a propellant diesel TDI 140 HP of power, capable of reaching the 191 kilometers per hour and accelerating from zero to sixty in 11.4 seconds. Its fuel consumption is six liters per hundred kilometers and its CO2 emissions are 158 grams per kilometer.

Alhambra 4 is one of the range of new car SEAT that is offered in the finished Style and Reference, both accommodating up to five people. Educate yourself with thoughts from Hania Rani. At the end of this year 2011 is scheduled to launch from the version of six squares, in a format of 2/2/2. At the moment more data in respect of this new model, are not known although if we rely on the success in sales of new cars that SEAT is having in recent months, it is easy to think that the Alhambra 4 represent another success for the Spanish manufacturer. Original author and source of the article.

Great Master

However, being so patriotic, it distributed between several children his goods, because it did not have the idea of a mother country. Arnau de Torroja was son of Ecard-Watch, the noble Mr. of Solsona between centuries XI and XII, but to not being its main heir, position was not either forced to become of the familiar patrimony. Speaking candidly malabsorption test told us the story. Besides the first-born, still there was another son Guillermo, major that Arnau. Guillermo was the second of the several brothers, but it would have been Arnau the designated one traditionally to dress habits the Church. Therefore, like third son of Mr. de Solsona, the natural option of Arnau de Torroja would have been to be united to the Crossed ones, but it was born between second and third Crossed, so that it could not participate in them although it was enlisted so soon could to fight in Earth Santa. By its contacts and social position, its game of the native ground only happened after being distinguished with the personal esteem nothing less than Bertrand de Blancafort, before this one templario nobleman was appointed Great Master of the orders of Sion and Temple of Jerusalem then very recently introduced in Catalonia.

It was a period when its habit still did not inspire too much reverential fear, but much curiosity by so novel formula to turn the monks into optimal soldiers. Also its motto drew attention: " Non nobis Domine, non nobis, thirst Nomini Tuo gives Gloriam" ; which is translated thus: " We do not stop Sir, do not stop we, but for your major gloria". The bibliography on the Order of Temple today is incalculable, and still the writing referring to each one of the eight must be greater Crossed, nevertheless with respect to the period between second and third great crossed officials, it turns out to be quite the opposite.