Honorary Consulting – What Is This, What

by Ilka Fahmi, free economic advisor Munich, 13.08.2013 – every year investors suffer losses of around EUR 50 billion. Experts such as the Economist assume Andreas Oehler of the University of Bamberg. “The reason: wrong or poor Beratung.Dabei is the core of the problem quite simply: still most investors to a Commission consultant go because they avoid the costs which initially entails the honorary advice”, says the independent fee consultant and certified financial planner Ilka Fahmi from Munich. But that is a mistake. “For this, which can destroy entire assets or the complete pension losses.” Some practical examples from everyday advice by Ilka Fahmi illustrate this: case 1 – retirement: A doctors client was convinced with his previous measures from statutory pensions, sufficient to have made Rurup pension and occupational pension insurance. Blood test is full of insight into the issues. He had but not the loss of purchasing power due to inflation still the most unprofitable development his Insurance considered. The development one financial status-quo promoted but a gap during entire retirement up to 85 years of age of more than 800,000 euros revealed.

On this basis, he could initiate targeted changes and close this gap. Case 2 – capital investment on their own: A client wanted a possible low-cost plant and had collected funds (ETFs) valued at 50,000 euros, even a portfolio of passively managed exchange-traded himself. However, within three years, he suffered a loss of 16,000 euros. He had misjudged the risk. The money was now missing in planned real estate financing. Case 3 – insurance: The disability insurance completed some time ago on a Commission basis, an employee has a too low hedge, a risk period which runs only up to the age of 60, and also very bad conditions. Paid, this can cause the insurance pays out nothing at all”, as Fahmi. Therefore, he has the previous posts in Amount paid by 20.160 euros completely free.

New Year

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Free Internet Access Now Available In Iserlohn

V KOM built test-free Internet access via satellite of Andreas father wants to do something by the company V-com, and has installed a free hotspot. First as a test at his campsite in Iserlohn, this also under difficult conditions. Because no DSL was available the access was easily implemented via satellite. V com can do that because the owner, Andreas father, was service technician at the largest DSL providers in Germany. The prospective buyer can not only free surf here now, he can find out more from the advantages of an own free hotspots. V KOM is free-hotspot”partner. The company advocates the dissemination of free W-LAN in Europe, especially in Germany, because there is still a huge need. Free-Hotspot.com operates the largest network for the free use of W-LAN services in Europe with 4,000 locations in 18 European countries.

The presence is rapidly expanded due to the great interest. Target groups are hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, public places, municipal facilities, camping and all places where people need to have access to the Internet, E-Mail, etc. or want. Free hotspot provides the necessary infrastructure, including the necessary routers and software. The button customizable content filtering”, so that filter out certain content and compliance with prescribed data retention are required by law of this of course standard. After a short commercial message that users get access to the Internet and can surf or check mail. Through the calculated advertising operator can be offered a wireless service for the lowest price the HotSpot.

But also the hotspot operator a hotel, a cafe with establishing a free hotspot is gaining appeal and win new customers. By advertising for his company or through cooperation with adjacent stores additional advertising revenue and also sales can be generated. Different packages, ranging from the now booking “link for your hotel page to the” exclusive advertiser on your home page, or use a messaging system offer a high added value the hotspot operator. To learn more about the free hotspot program to learn or to a free hotspot in the vicinity, just a click on the V-com website: Andreas’s father is the interested party to the non-binding advice like available. He delivers and installs the hot-spot and additional equipment to ensure optimal operation. For the operator, FreeHotspot quickly becomes an indispensable sales and image providers. Through the collaboration of V-com Andreas father with the nationwide IT-service-NET consulting, installation and the technical availability of the free hotspot installation is ensured. The IT-service-NET includes over 60, bases distributed strategically in the Federal Republic. Due to the growing demand for hot spots, strengthens his series the network and providing jobs. Interested parties are informed and trained to an optimal service in the target group of the interested companies to afford. You can see also the closest partner company here. V com / ITSN