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step21 young people want to be a role model and they make Berlin models, 06.01.10; Since more than 22 years Sonja Lahnstein-Kandel actively for tolerance and against xenophobic behaviour. (Not to be confused with Dean Ornish M.D!). A short review in the past. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. often expresses his thoughts on the topic. An arson attack in Molln, with right extremist background Germany committed startles in November 1992. Just 6 months later the fact is repeated. This time in Solingen, Germany. More than occasion all the stops to put enough for the founder of step21 Sonja Lahnstein-Kandel.

You build a network of supporters and sponsors, assumes the responsibility and establishes the Foundation of step21 in 1998. A foundation for young people, against injustice, discrimination and violence. The Foundation aims young people to be a role model and to motivate to take self responsibility. Terms such as tolerance, responsibility and courage through innovative media projects and personal responsibility are filled with life. According to their own ideas, young people can shape the projects, participate in competitions and report on their experiences. The comprehensive offerings have used millions of children and young people at over 14,000 schools and youth facilities. The special feature of the Foundation idea is to motivate yourself to be role models participants. Networks and viral reproduction are desired and planned. With spendino SMS step21 starting immediately the phone uses as mobile collecting box. The keyword send models to speed dialing 8 11 90 and help with 5 more role models to create (costs the normal SMS transport fee plus, there arrive directly at step21 4.83). Verena Bock

The Big Mac

The study by the Economist, collected the price for a big Mac in different countries in the domestic currency and be made comparable to the currently prevailing US dollar exchange rate conversion. The Big Mac could also play through the strategies of McDonald’s, to use ingredients from the environment and to attract renowned brand manufacturers as suppliers, the domestic purchasing power of an economy. The Big Mac index is only a very rough indicator to estimate purchasing power parities. Source: by…; Author B. gross national happiness, satisfaction and quality of life and gross national product. These are two sides of the same coin. Soft facts (80%) result in hard facts (20%) as you know.

The pure accounting numbers view of our society is the wrong primary way! The nature contemplation of the Scholastics of figures was one of two ways. Such as not simply can beauty with the formula of the ‘ golden section ‘ (sectio aurea, Pro cervical Divina) describe. He referred to the Division ratio of a range or different size, where the ratio of the whole to its larger part (called also major) is the ratio of the larger to the smaller portion (the minor). Expressed as a formula applies: a: b = (a + b): 61.8% a = a, b = 38.2% who has seriously tried to describe the beauty of a rose. Beauty is anyway in the eye of every beholder. Also, when accountants. Neither one can handle hospitals and old people’s homes like Henry Ford’s chord line.

1 minute hair care level 1 is sick of politicians and controllers brains! We must use the existing money just more useful and functional. Expenditure for people (are not machines) future investments, no cost! But that doesn’t work with titled Kameralistischer State accounting. Gross national happiness the King of Bhutan Buddhism 1972 expressed the opinion, that the mere Analysis of the economy and the gross national product hard facts, quantity, what? says little about the welfare of the inhabitants of the State.