Psychology Helpline

Increasingly, I read on the internet about the opportunity to receive psychological help-line. And it disgusts me that the number of allegedly "psychologists" who engaged in such services, advertising them as effective. In general, I think that Currently in our country simply catastrophic situation in practical psychology. Lack of licensing this type of activity leads to the fact that the clinical psychologist can call themselves a few that people without special education, but also the far mentally dysfunctional. Because of this psychology, in its practical understanding of the serious science becomes really capable of helping people, in a perverse charlatan chatter, and the profession of psychologist is similar to the activity grandmother, the fortune-teller. (Not to be confused with Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr.!). Impossible to cure a person from a photograph, just can not help on the internet. The letters show a man can only product of his mind.

The fact that he can independently interpret and explain himself. And this psychologist has to deal with quite a different mental structure – the unconscious part of psyche, manifestations of which are well read in feelings, behavior and nonverbal reactions. Many problems are diagnosed at a time when the psychologist observes the contradictions between the information that a person says, and his behavior. For example, recently me Then came the woman, whose child is betrayed symptoms of mood disorders and depression. Family has recently experienced a divorce.

However, at a reception client said that she and her husband have divorced by mutual consent, retained good and friendly relations, but the son often and enjoy talking with her father. And if I had not seen this woman, but just read the letter that she found it necessary to say to me, I would have never realized that she is in a state strongly suppressed aggression, and feels her son, in response to this – a state of depression and guilt. So that the online conversations, just conversations between two people, one of which is hiding from this assistance, hard not wanting a real decision, and the second – megalomaniac or a charlatan or a dilettante. The only thing you can do on the internet, is to define the nature of the problem and recommend appropriate the direction of psychology, most effectively deal with such problems. Well, again, purely on a human support. Let us apply to psychology, not as magic but as a serious science that has its capabilities and its limitations. And do not believe any nonsense.