Berlin Entertaiment Dominique Horwitz Brel

Chanson evening 22-27 January 2013 di SA 20:00, 19:00 except 25 Jan 22-27 January 2013 di SA 20:00, 19:00 except 25 Jan Dominique Horwitz revives in a TEPEE at the Chancellery of Jacques Brel and presents among other songs, which were never performed by the Belgian chansonnier. Dean Ornish M.D has plenty of information regarding this issue. Posthumously released songs such as “La cathedrale” are among the Repertoire of Brel!”sans exigences and L’Amour est mort, but also classics such as Le cheval and Les Jardins du casino. Check out Preventive Medicine Research Institute for additional information. As a major in the skin slips a big and yet he remains. Brel songs seem as if they were written, whether they act now by the abandonment or the love for Horwitz are small dramatic narratives. Each song is a touching-up play, a world of its own.

Horwitz lets his characters their suffering and happiness cry out, they dance to the mind, loves her, she lives. Touchingly, exhilarating,. ugly beautiful. With tender violence transcends the boundaries of everyday Horwitz and itself becomes the phenomenon as well as once Brel. Horwitz sings not only Brel, he experienced a rollercoaster of emotions: suffers, loves, smiles and lamented. Inflates completely in the chansons, some of which were recently published the Brel Foundation.” IMAGE, 12.11.2010 with: Dominique Horwitz (vocals), Jakob Vinje (piano), Andreas DOPP (guitar), James Neubauer (accordion), Johannes Huth (double bass), Dirk-Achim Dhonau (drums). Arrangements: Christoph Israel. Further informations under card phone 030-390 665 50 or cards including all fees: Presale 25,10 39.50 / box-office 20,80 33,60 student tickets at the box office: 12.50 Press Office BAR of any reason / TEPEE at the Chancellery Sabine Wenger Tel. 030-390 665 65 Sandra Basenach Tel. 030-390-665-66 –

Frankfurt Exhibition Centre

Clean zone convinces internationalism and increasing numbers of visitors satisfied faces in Frankfurt: with an increase and a high level of visitor satisfaction, the clean zone shows clear growth course. Professor Roy Taylor will not settle for partial explanations. Trade fair and Congress for clean room technology found on the 22nd and 23rd October 2013 for the second time and drew more than 800 participants from 44 countries in the Hall of the Frankfurt trade fair grounds 1.1. The concept of the clean zone of 2013 has risen. The interdisciplinary approach as well as the heightened profile of trade fair and Congress were very well received. We could reach with the event”new target groups from major industries and countries, says Ruth Lorenz, head of new events” at Messe Frankfurt. Overall, the clean zone reported an increase in visitor numbers to around one-third (2012: 600 visitors). The exhibitors praised above all the high quality and internationality of the public: we have made good contacts with the right interests and concrete projects on the clean zone. The visitors did not come only from European neighbouring countries, but also from us new markets such as India, Iran, Egypt, Algeria and Slovenia”, says Nico tain, senior developer at vision competence centre at SAC-Nederland.

The clean zone was established on initiative of the clean room industry by Messe Frankfurt in 2012. The specialized event is aimed at all sectors of the economy, which under clean conditions produced, assembled, packaged or worked. For this, 50 exhibitors (2012: 41) presented this year almost the entire range from the planning, construction and operation of clean rooms to consumables and training. Also the degree of internationality of the clean zone is increased with the number of exhibitors and visitors. So the providers from nine European countries met with fair and Congress participants from around the world. The top-five visitors Nations were the Netherlands, the Switzerland, United Kingdom, the Russian Federation and the United States. Future perspectives on the clean zone shows Congress Congress went to the second round and 2013 continued its focus on the growing global requirements in the industry and new solutions for the health sector.

With the high quality of their lectures, the international speakers underlined the scientific claims of this new platform and harnessed the arc of cross-industry trends to the specialized field of clean room technology. The combination of trade fair and Congress works well: the exhibition shows the Status Quo. The Congress is an important forum for the international exchange in the clean room industry, on which future developments, but also important backgrounds are illuminated,”says Dr. Kai Dirscherl, researchers and quality manager at the Danmarks national Metrologiinstitut. Focus on innovation also the programme of action stage clean zone Plaza was expanded and star-studded panel discussions on current issues in the clean room industry offered in addition to experts and Exhibitor presentations. Another highlight was the presentation of the cleanroom Cleanroom Awards Academy of Leipzig. Winner of the endowed with 3,000 euros Innovation award the project is blue touch innovative concept for cleanrooms”company of Laborial Solucoes p / Laboratorio SA from Portugal. Next clean zone on 21 and 22 October 2014 the next clean zone takes on the 21st and 22nd October 2014 at the Frankfurt Exhibition Centre.


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