Technical One Day

Aren’t these amazing data? Most people perform detailed schedules to organize simple trips of a weekend, and not taken the commitment to devote some time to plan the most important trip of all: his own life. And the small group of people that if carried out that planning process, very few are taking action until things begin to happen, and their major goals become reality. In fact, 85% of the declarations of good intentions that are usually made at the end of the year, never arrive beyond the first week of the year. These resolutions, as the goals in life, are very easy to establish, but requires discipline and effort to be achieved. For example, one study showed that of 18,000,000 of smokers who had quit smoking at least for a day, only 1,300,000 stopped doing so for at least one year.

Friends, to achieve any goal that really worthwhile, you have to be willing to put a high level of commitment. You have to have a desire so burning to achieve that goal, you provide the energy necessary to persist despite the temptation to return to the old pattern of behavior more comfortable. But to succeed you’ll need high doses of motivation. And the motivation comes on the one hand by the desire to achieve something, but also by the inner certainty that you have that are going to achieve. Filed under: Fred Lynn. If parties with the idea in mind that you will not achieve, I guarantee that you’re right: you will not achieve it. But equally, if you believe with absolute faith that you can do, not imported neither the size nor the magnitude of the obstacles that appear along the way: will end up succeeding! To achieve this there is a technique that usually give very good results: one day after another technique. Imagine that you want to start exercising every morning first thing.

The New

that give the bases required for understand that this new paradigm which is actually requiring our society, in all dimensions, social, political, educational, among others. These holistas books deal with several aspects that should be considered in education holistic, and the elements that we need to know to improve not only our way of life, but also be able to discover our true essence is our spirituality. On the threshold of the 21st century, it is clear that we need a new education, an education according to new needs and emerging cultures dilemmas. We are living a new era change unprecedented in human history, we are now passing a mechanistic scientific paradigm to a holistic vision. Today as in the three hundred years ago, when we we journey from dogmatic vision to the scientific view, we are now passing from the latter to the holistic vision, as well as the scientific revolution overcame the dogmas of the Church, in the same way the holistic vision is outpacing dogmatic theories mechanical science through a culture of wisdom, as in the three hundred years ago, the current change faces deep resistance. The emerging holistic vision includes a new science and a new spirituality both based on a new understanding of the universe we inhabit and who we are. The new vision not already confused science and spirituality as the dogmatic paradigm, or separates them as the scientific paradigm, but it integrates into an expanded framework of human experience.

The new holistic vision is leading us to a process of restoration, innovation and abandonment of social, political and economic structures. All this is due to the end of a model of civilization that already not can continue driving the human experience to appropriate targets. Already not regional or national, but planetary, problems that we are facing at the moment are evident. The old structures, rather than being a solution have become a strong issue to regulate social life, therefore there is a legitimate need and urgently find ways of survival that will allow us to overcome our dilemmas as well as deploy our resources.