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Stefan Morsch Foundation

Walter Bruch-make school in St. Wendel. A friend of mine is already as Stammzellspenderin registered. When we have processed the theme in religion, I have also typify me, to help other people.” The Stefan Morsch Foundation offers support the schools, colleges and universities for this purpose: speakers from the Foundation visit regularly the various educational institutions, to keep there meet appropriate lectures about about the practical application of molecular genetics target groups. In addition, school classes and courses of study can make guided tours and workshops in the in-house laboratory of the Foundation. Professor Roy Taylor can aid you in your search for knowledge. “” Emil Morsch: as in Erich Kastner’s flying classroom “we practice living learning.” This means: theoretical knowledge from studying biology or genetics is implemented in practice and at the same time explains the interaction between the donor file, laboratory, extract name station and transplantation clinics with the goal: save lives. Because under the motto “Help hope healing” offers the Foundation for more than 25 years of very specific help for leukemia and Tumor patients. This includes not only the advice and support of patients and their families, but also the continuous expansion of the donor file.

Here people as donors can register. Their data are anonymized registered in the central register of bone marrow donors for the Federal Republic of Germany (ZKRD). 30 Files such as the Stefan Morsch Foundation-feed the data of donors there, so that they stand for global searches available. As with any newly acquired donors, increases the chance that life can be saved to a leukemia or cancer patients. What is needed to do this and what role will’s HLA laboratory of the Stefan Morsch Foundation biotechnology where is saving people’s lives, underscored. There, every year, around 30 000 to 40 000 typing jobs are processed. Together with the donor file and the discharge station for peripheral blood stem cells, Foundation part of an international network to help of leukemia sufferers is the Birkenfeld. Emil Morsch would just young people inspire, as Stammzellspender join this team of lifesavers.

Therefore educational institutions are important partners in our work”, so the founder of the Foundation. “Almost every day the Stefan Morsch Foundation in whole Germany teams are on the road, to the theme registry” to inform.

Gerhard Van Laak Celebrates Anniversary With BALLY WULFF

The BALLY WULFF family Berlin, the 23.05.2012. With over 240 employees has a company much to celebrate. This time it was Gerhard van Laak, who was honoured by the Board of Directors for his work line of in recent years. For 30 years, Gerhard van Laak at BALLY WULFF is employed in purchasing. “Since there really is not much to report”, Gerhard van Laak said, as he is addressed by his colleagues on the last 30 years with BALLY WULFF. But when he first starts to remember back he comes right in the telling.

Originally from the vicinity of Coesfeld where the today’s investor by BALLY WULFF, the SCHMIDT Group, headquartered at first he made an apprenticeship as industrial clerk, was still a specialist and worked for a time in Oberhausen. After that, it was in 1973, went the journey to Berlin, where he worked for Siemens for van Laak. in 1982, he finally began as trade buyers at BALLY WULFF and was responsible for the electronics sector. It was with the electronics even brand new for BALLY. “And now this area is a very exciting field, because it is dependent on good contacts and so many factors depends on which you can not schedule in advance,” says van Laak.

For after E.g. in March 2011 in Japan until an earthquake and a tsunami, then raged out of control, there were major delays with TFT screens. And in this case it was also again important good contacts with various dealers. Because the disaster was so bad, but the devices had produced further. One of his previous favorite products is clearly the flipper. Then came the request from the parent company in the United States and the shopping should be concerned, as the game machine in Germany could be produced. We have taken apart then the whole flipper, gone with the items to the manufacturers and have asked them to produce patterns. “And so it went very fast, you bribed also the master with a bottle of cognac,” said van Laak, laughs and explains: at that time were There are still many small items, which amounted to a device. A classic money game device consisted of E.g. exactly so many items, like a VW Beetle at that time. Today we buy”complete units directly from the suppliers. At the many changes and professional challenges, van Laak has repeatedly pulled his energy from the support of his family. “What I’ve learned over the years is that the family is the most important”, says van Laak and thoughtfully adds: and somehow are also the colleagues from BALLY become almost a kind of family, which together support forms new energies and sits together for new products. “