A couple of weeks ago he trained a group of employees who would be separated in full holiday season. It helped them to recognize some of their abilities and skills that would help you get a job more quickly. At the same time we shared impressions about the importance of giving thanks for the assets that we have. One of the participants in a challenging tone told the hearing:-why should give thanks, I.? This situation so miserable that I’m living? With acknowledgments do not buy Christmas gifts, neither nor can I ever fix my house. After listening carefully to you and validate your feelings of frustration and hopelessness raised that small, we mistakenly learned to measure the gratitude in terms of material wealth (House, car, luxuries). We thank only when we have abundance. However, although it seems hard to give thanks at adverse times we grow when we are conforming with life, regardless of the circumstance that we live. When we look at our existence beyond the moment we reach a State of well being.

However, we often put hopes in material possessions, in immediate bonuses; We feel a strong attachment for the material, by a relationship, by economic demands this prevents us from seeing the benefits that gives us life. The highest level of gratitude is reached to overcome the momentary, the passenger watching life as it is whole, detailing the blessings we possess: as family, health, self-improvement, friendships, in the end a number of valuable gifts that we enjoy it because we are aware of everything that we have. Returning to the story of the friend in my training, we conduct a brief exercise in which I asked him to make a list of the things I had and they depended not on their employment, thought a bit could mention more than twenty things that possessed. Note that despite negative that happens we always could be there is space to give Thank you. These days friend reader is important to do a list of things that you own.

In addition it is important that you follow these following lessons: daily before bedtime to get a list of all the things that have happened on the day, that there are reasons to give thanks. It maintains a positive attitude towards life. If for example, you had plans for picnics outdoors and upon waking in the morning it’s raining, use your creativity to make other activities appreciates all that you are and your lifestyle develops a life spiritual and purposeful lives a life integrated and honest recognizes the importance of helping others confided that these tools will help you to find a greater meaning to life. However will only be useful you will decide to put them into practice, if you’re willing to change the thoughts that limit you. We remember, perhaps cannot avoid the sadness, the fear, the concerns to fly to your around, however have the inner power to prevent to nest in our head.