Prevention And Treatment Of Stretch Marks

Prevention and treatment of stretch marks. Baby Teva (Teva Baby): Bella mama oil – is truly a godsend. But to get rid of stretch marks (striae) to the systematic use of such natural oils. As a result, there is an impressive effect: restoring the elasticity of the structure and flexibility, improved quality and appearance of the skin. Such oil stretch marks can be used during pregnancy or immediately after childbirth. Does not contain silicone, mineral oil or preservatives, Bella mama oil breast-feeding is not a hindrance. Also, this oil is designated for use during adolescence girls not to provoke the appearance of stretch marks that appear during the rapid growth of the breast. Soft texture and rich composition of the oil prevents the occurrence of stretch marks, and contribute to the smoothing of the already formed.

The skin is smoothed, the size of the stretch is reduced and becomes a shade inconspicuous. The remarkable result in the treatment of stretch marks obtained by the properties of the active ingredients Bella mama oil. Each extract of 11 medicinal plants belonging to the complex, acting in their own way, as a whole improves metabolism at the cellular level, which gives excellent results and makes Bella mama oil one of the most effective means of stretch marks. Oils of lavender, neroli, apricot seed, lemon grass, evening Primrose, mandarin All this has a real miracle effect. Prevents loss of fluid, the skin becomes soft and smooth, it is protected from harmful influences, better fed, cleaned and regenerated.

Lifestyle And Infertility

Alcohol, smoking and drugs Smoking disrupts the menstrual cycle increases the likelihood of ectopic pregnancy and disorders of the cervix. Women who smoke the success of art (helper reproductive technologies) much lower – their ovaries respond poorly to stimulation of ovulation. In men, nicotine leads to disruption of sperm production. Drug abuse (marijuana, etc.) and medications that are prohibited for uncontrolled reception, reduces the quantity and quality of sperm. In particular, alcohol lowers testosterone – a hormone that plays an important role in the formation of sperm.

Women Alcohol in large quantities disrupts the menstrual cycle and leads to the cessation of ovulation. Alcohol also increases the likelihood of miscarriage and can cause congenital malformations in the fetus. Nutrition is important factor is weight. Significant deviation from the norm – whether overweight or its deficiency can lead to reduced fertility, and sometimes infertility. Statistics confirm that 12% of primary infertility due to violations of body weight. Coffee Studies show that there is a link between difficulties in pregnancy and excessive consumption of coffee. You should also remember that fizzy drinks and chocolate contain caffeine.

There is evidence that drinking a cup of coffee before intercourse can increase the activity of sperm. Folic Acid Women with a lack of folic acid are more disposed to miscarriage and congenital malformations in the fetus. Women planning pregnancy, recommended 400 micrograms of folic acid per day. Folic acid is found in green leaf vegetables, lentils, asparagus, , broccoli, liver chicken and veal, eggs boiled, wheat germ. Sports spite of the obvious benefit of maintaining good shape, excessive exercise can have a negative impact on men seeking to conceive. Increase body temperature in the scrotum, sperm quality deteriorates.