March 1, 2017

The Camera

by Lisa
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get shot, in which half remarkable species – their own physiognomy. That is kind of like to stay, but he seems to be somewhere far away, and even wishy-washy, and not at all clear where he is? If you see something beautiful – just beautiful, clear, taxes temptation climb into the frame. All well and understand what you – the author, rejoice and delight. 3. And I forgot to turn off the camera …. It looks like this: we see a completely normal picture, here, people, person, someone smiled at someone funny sneezed and suddenly …

bang! On the screen – sex, wall, ceiling, and still shaking … The man with the camera down! Nothing of the sort – he just got tired of shooting and he dropped his hand with a camera, but forgot to turn it off. So – always remember that now includes a record or not. The result – more free space on tape, and video without the 'rubbish' 4. Shoot everything in sight. Somehow, the video of, say, a birthday, there are some dog noses, dead birds, a neighbor's door handle, endless passages from one room to the other … Why do you need all this? Then still have to cut or excruciatingly long to rewind the tape … Maybe at the time this piece was interesting, but hold – do not press the button. Save a lot of trouble cutting it. I assure you – it is unlikely you'll use these frames, but friends do not understand the 'deep meaning'.

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