The Friend

Monkeys, small version. There is no vines at home. That after a no, no do nothing on your part for twisting the laws of fate that I do not, it imposes. Especially when it comes to protect it of himself that no matte, jumping from how much thing the discover saltable House. Or attempt to test the construction of an electric chair without a saddle, investigating that Devils behind the holes in the plug. That while sofreno the idea of leaving it bare without assistance to the Barber, I remember looking again at the first until the last parts of the movies that he, my son, the creature of God, learned memory.

In an act not guilty on my part to provide something that entertain themselves. This is: the terrible Daniel: part I, II, III and subsequent. My poor little angel, version quichimil, and mira who speaks because above you have the tupe of questioning me every thing I say and imitate me from what I say up to what I do, with the greater self-confidence. Only that, compared to my age to yours, I, at his age, seemed the female version of the Mummy in chiquito. In other words, it would not be able to deny a child, but would have changed it me in the nursery? Or I better check the genes of the father. Meanwhile the teenager trying not to be noticed, is noted for its disappearance.

His escapes with the friend, the friend and the sea by car. Clear, total, the ogre of his father, I have to deal with me. Which neither of them is satisfied with my services. For father I’m a useless that I don’t put limits and for my daughter, I don’t know to treat his father, as if she knew to treat one of the two or, if MS, decide the day before his birthday in fifteen, set in red on the calendar, designated to turn of the hairdresser, his bangs would look prettier to the stone and cut by hand by herself.