The Time

We perceive in our day the day the yearning of the community in guiding the young with regard to the sexuality. Therefore we feel the necessity of to search and to search alternatives to collaborate with the integral formation of the adolescents of the community. Moreover, we intend to help them to clarify it its you doubt so that it acquires greater confidence in proper itself. Still nowadays, it is so difficult to say on sex and sexuality, exactly being this subject printed in television programs, musics, magazines and as much other ways, that are day to day part and of our reality. The families do not offer to formation its children, leaving them who learn everything in the school, or many times with people me the intention, having the possibility to learn in extremely wrong way, causing in these young preconceptions and taboos, to reach our objectives will be necessary to arrive next to these pupils to know its real curiosidades, leaving with the same suggestions and activities of as the sexuality in the schools and inside of the familiar seio could even though be worked. Exactly the sexuality being a subject forbidden for diverse adults, we cannot charge more of them information, because the education that they had received on sexuality takes not to feel them to it the will to speak on the subject.

Some parents do not speak from fear on sexuality, for not considering subject for children and other diverse reasons, many times for the proper education that had had. The confusion is formed in the head of the children, when the parents hide or invent something on the sex, many times preventing to say on the subject, creating true taboos. Boys and girls finish looking answers for its curiosidades, them diverse always correct ways nor, through magazines, films and colloquies with determined ' ' amigos' ' not getting most of the time correct and objective answers.