TV Weddings

The protagonists of Grey’s Anatomy wedding is beyond where them the most stupid, amazing and original. Dereck had been long looking forward to the Organization of this event, to the point of reaching fear from Meredith did not give its consent. And this, not so much by their old irrational fears, overcome thanks to psychotherapy, but male insecurity, never until then we had seen. And she wanted it incredibly. We have seen a Meredith finally secure his love, but insecure, as a result of a momentous event, the probable death of Izzie, that it is not able to pass one day without being married to Derek. Therefore, given the lack of time due to the tight surgical agendas of the two protagonists, they decide to capture their votes on a post-it.

Simple, easy and perfect. And what is really a wedding but that precisely? The promise of staying next to the person you want to and keep that memory in an object, either a ring or a post-it. They framed it and placed it on her bed, to remember him. And always They have a problem turn to him, when Meredith asks Derek to trust her, who has told one thing as a woman, not as his subordinate at work. And it is just as valid as sometimes a real wedding is useless: Alex and Izzie, with perfectly planned event, the dream Chapel, beautiful dress, are not able to prolong their life in common beyond a few months.