Zhiguli Mountains

It turns out that the rise of the right bank was the result of tectonic movements in a quite historic time, which is confirmed by the depth of geological strata of the ancient sea bottom. Of course, to blame, wind and hydro soil erosion, especially in the north central part of Reach. But even if we take it for reason, it turns out that the current rate of erosion can not provide an explanation for this phenomenon. Confirmed my long-term observations on the shore. Thus it turns out that the tectonic movements that led to the formation of a high right bank and the fault of the cortex, which is home to the Volga, have occurred in historical time. This is confirmed by the fact of the existence of the Samara Bend – quite an unusual formation on the logic formation of the channel – it is obvious that the water is easier to pave his way to the line – somewhere in the area Perevoloka what she does, which is confirmed by geological surveys who consider the destruction rate of the shore at this place in 100 meters year !!!!! Obviously, on this basis that the Samara Bend – the formation of tectonic origin of the historical period. Cancer Research contributes greatly to this topic. However, about tectonics no doubt – it is scientifically proven. Recall what else is known Samara onions and recall that its anomalous.

UFOs, ghosts, time anomalies, etc. – a clear consequence of changes in earth's field at this location. It is proved that the abnormal location of the tectonic anomalies correspond to places, which once again confirms our conclusions. Where is the location of Ulyanovsk and why Sviyaga flows in another direction? Very simply – the rise of plate led to a negative slope of the former bed of the Volga and took Sviyaga! The result was in Ulyanovsk place quite anomalous – on top of tectonic plates, the newfound soils, the oldest in the Volga region (except Zhiguli Mountains) and place the apparent anomaly of geo hydro – in terms of water. This indicates a high geometric and bioactivity historic part of Ulyanovsk, which is confirmed by the number of temples and burial mounds on the site. The question is – what is this conclusion? And the conclusion is simple – we all die. Why? Simple – we both live just above the place of deep fault Earth's crust, which runs along the right bank of coastline merges with Samara Luka. Naturally, that is what this fault is inactive and is not dangerous, but it is not – any slip of the continental plate of Eurasia will activation in this area of tectonic movements, aimed at forming a new economic balance in the region of Ulyanovsk.