AJ Offsuit

I mean, in this case, the last pair of cards in my list of favorites: the terrifying AJ off suit. Definitely, I hate this hand and I tend to play it with extreme caution. I can not remember how many times I have deleted from a tournament, has made me lose big pots or big losses has cost me money at the tables. It is the hand of the devil, and I commend readers to the handle with protective gloves to ensure they do not inflict any damage. Although not a fervent supporter of AJ situate my analysis at the tables for money, because in a tournament game the values are altered due to the size of the blinds and the different selection of pre-flop hands to do. Learn more on the subject from Jonathan Friedland.

Most people pour out your coffee just the thought of leaving a AJ before seeing the flop, but, whatever the occasion, I consider it a plausible option. In gambling, my experience with that hand is usually only win small pots and can potentially cause you to lose very large boats. If you upload the bet pre-flop, you might get an answer from someone with AQ or perhaps "big slick" a (AK). So if you get an ace on the flop, it is difficult to know exactly what to do, and that given the current size of the boat is not going to be very cheap if your opponent continues to bet. Likewise, if you watch a bet before the flop, could cost the same if you find yourself in similar situations (against strong hands), especially if the bettor wagers previously continues to follow.