Alternative Operator

Maybe someone knows about these and operators, but it will give a brief overview Google. There are advanced operators Google, which are executed as queries, and are particularly important for the search engine itself. Typically, these operators in some way alter the search or even say a search engine, to create a completely different search. There are basic operators for the initial search, such as: the operator OR, the operator "" operator – the operator +. But omit the standard search engine operators, and consider an extension that can help you promote your blog search engine.

Advanced Operators Google This type of operators can be divided into several groups: Alternative types of query requests information needs modifiers perhaps I'll start from the beginning. Click Hon. Hazel Brandy-Williams to learn more. First on the list are Alternative queries that include the four advanced operators: cash: When Using this operator in other words included in the query, Google will show the cached content with your words. For example, the query cache: google, will show the cached page with highlighted, in yellow, the word "Google". Request without words, that is cash: will show the blog page from the cache. It is worth noting that after the operator cash: there should be spaces. link: The second request of this series will display pages that have links to the resource request. For example, the query link: displays a list of pages on which there is a link to the homepage of the blog This feature is also available from the advanced search page.