Atopic Dermatitis

Problem skin and eczema naturally treat Wiesbaden with Ayurveda, 12.09.2013. Anyone who feels uncomfortable in his skin and has to do with acne, eczema, or atopic dermatitis, know how much affects the quality of life and well-being as a result. Conventional medicine is recommended in such cases mainly external therapies, which essentially consist of ointments and cosmetics. This Cortisonhaltig what that creates a short-term relief, but in the long term damages the skin are common. Ayurveda the 4000 year-old naturopathy holistically addressed this problem. Check out colonscopy for additional information. Wife home, dipl. Ayurveda therapist, has in their Wiesbadener practice, leading it since 1999, often dealing with skin problems.

It comes to identify the causes and to combat not only the symptom”, she says. In holistic skin care is not only the external care of (which should be all natural and free of synthetic oils, active ingredients and preservatives), but also the care from the inside. While the diet plays a central Role. She should be matched to the type of people and his skin. Also cleansing herbs, nutrients and antioxidants can make a great contribution to the recovery of the skin.” The Ayurveda expert woman home offers now also online consultations on. Can ask questions to the natural skin care inside and out, online directly to them.