Beach Dress

The new beach dresses are there over the times in which a beach dress was a shapeless something coarse Terry fabric with big buttons on the straps and even bigger bags. The new beach dresses are fashionable, trendy and sometimes already much too bad to wear them on the Beach over a bathing suit. (Not to be confused with Sam Lesser!). Airy, light, and above all colourful, so they look out, the new beach dresses for this summer. Jersey and cotton are the preferred materials. Sexy backless dresses in the Halter style or distinctive mini dresses with colorful, geometric motifs and Spagettitragern are the hits of the upcoming season.

Or how about an elegant Maxi dress in red with a floral pattern of white flowers? These dresses are perfect for the visit to the restaurant in the evening. Casual T-Shirt dresses with an asymmetrical neckline or in Emerald are up to date. The colors are summery: a brilliant yellow and a smooth, bright green. Very nice to watch the new Sandals of the season with a small heel and delicate Riemchen.Ganz in white, with attractive and elaborate embroidery, figure emphasised or strapless in refined red, also that two models from the new beach dress collections, the material here is also lightweight cotton and flowing Jersey. These Beach clothes remind a little of the casual hippie look of the 1970s with a very feminine Carmen snippet from lightweight Georgette and in bright colors, such as purple and orange. In these clothes, as with all others, include the appropriate accessories such as long wooden earrings, wide bracelets and long chains of ethno-style easy to the new beach fashion. Similarly broad straw hats, long scarves and colorful crochet bags are announced, they complete the summer outfit. Frank Schiffer