4 Payments through mobile phone however, another trend in this social world of mobile telephony is the ability to both make and receive payments from the phone. The known project called Square, performed by one of the founders of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, developing a safety device that is connected to the headphones iPhone and allows credit card transactions to be processed in the Act. The main players in the space of the financing, such as Visa are entering the game also, with declared intentions to continue aggressively pushing the mobile payments. PayPal also has a popular implementation of mobile payments for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry platforms. And while all the above newly begins in the United States, the developing world has begun to promote their adaptation to payment services by mobile from some time ago. Add to all that the possibility of making purchases in microtransactions among a wide variety of mobile applications beyond applications specifically targeted to the payments. To deepen your understanding liver cancer is the source.

Furthermore we have an emerging ecosystem of small companies that will want to pay close attention. 5 Have a policy on Social Media as more and more companies that are forced to dive into the world of social media, the fact of having an official policy at a company that surround tools and individual services is becoming something increasingly common. It is important to have a simple set of guidelines or a clear documentation showing all rule regarding what is acceptable and is not acceptable in the behavior of employees regarding social media. Official policies about social media may vary as well as the different corporate cultures do, but no matter what the nature of their business, could be a good practice to consider if you are immersed in social media.