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Personal improvement, by having as a basis the work, show productive results in all those activities that we make in our lives. Therefore, how much more work done with intelligence make, greater productivity and success. Two things will be necessary to have clear, for the achievement of the above, and these are, their mission and how to achieve it. Ask and answer some questions, such as: 1.-do I have a mission, a challenge or problem that comply or fix? What is? 2. Inside of your mission, ask yourself what is the main goal to meet or achieve? 3. Is this objective, clearly specified? 4.

Is there the possibility that has not identified the real problem, goal, or mission? 5 What would be an ideal solution to the problem; or what would be a result just from their efforts? 6. What with what criteria it will measure the achievement of its purposes? 7. You consider having reached its goal does is proof that your? problem has been solved or that has already achieved its purpose? 8. You believe that you have not solved your problem or reached its goal or purpose in what went wrong? Where are the differences between the achievement or the lack of it? 9. Details can be found by clicking Carrier or emailing the administrator. What so much provision has to contribute more time and effort to the full achievement of its mission? 10. Do not feel sufficiently motivated or committed, emotionally how can I get that motivation? Are you thinking a way to auto – substantiated? If he is thinking seriously about your self-improvement, answers to these questions, can be of great benefit. Felix Miranda Quesada: Business Manager, public accountant authorized, Bachelor of education and master’s degree in educational administration. Felix Miranda Quesada read our previous article. Original author and source of the article