Christian Oils

According to Christian tradition, when Jesus was born the Magi gave him frankincense, myrrh and gold. Put to mix essential oils was the beginning of modern pharmacology, but men of that time separate parts of oils and make inventions harmful to the skin, and use other things to cure people occur to them and they were gradually forgetting of oils and plants. Only some grandmothers in many parts of the world remembered memory cure secrets and passed it to others. The peasants were those who were less forgotten recipes. Thus passed many centuries without using fresh or dried plants and oils; just to make perfumes or meals, but not to cure diseases. And at that time people died is much and very young.Until a French Mr. Rene called began them to study again, I invented the name aromatherapy and that was 60 years ago.

In the past 5 years there have been many very modern studies with computers and in universities, and found that everything you said the former was true. Adults sometimes need evidence to believe in things, not just them with what they perceive. There are currently French, German and doctors from other countries, who are famous are still studying essential oils and using them increasingly more like medicine. There are laboratories that make suppositories, tablets, syrups, which are very good to cure viruses, infections and pain, have rich flavour and do not give side effects or not make you ill for other parts of the body such as medicines petrochemicals are they invented in laboratories. So now finally have the possibility of using these medicines so nice, soft and very powerful and also using advances and discoveries that science has made, as research with computers on the human body, your energy, your brain, etc. Because what we all want is to be healthy and happy, give and receive love and essential oils help us with that.