Corn Salad

I hate cooking. You may wish to learn more. If so, Cervical cancer is the place to go. Of the things of the House is what I like least.You spend an hour littering everything and stuck in the kitchen, trying to not think that then you’re going to spend another hour collecting and cleaning so that one then start Oh, I don’t like, another I can let it Brown?, any baby who throws him to the ground and the other squeezing before passing through the mouth or as much reaction is absolute indifference. They swallow and until dinner. It must also add that I am still without oven, with which to my I like that throw everything in a bowl, put it in the oven and now I’ll go back when it’s done.I don’t have to be aware of adding ingredients, now water, now salt, all pa inside and ready. I have not much time to Cook, here eats at 12: 00 h and before I have to do the babyfood babies and give it so that we can eat alone. Thus, that among a few things and others the menu in my house is fast, simple and almost, almost of children and discuss food, just enough and already eat healthy in the Dining room.My mother-in-law is the typical person that loves food bio, farm (but only grilled) chicken, steamed vegetables and salads colorines Bonduelle corn and in my house does not fit anything green that are not olives (but she’s cooking, no nothing). The first day I did chicken in sauce with potatoes and you already put him a stick.For dinner, omelette and I already spoke of cholesterol. Child number 1 preferred fried eggs and got scared talking of salmonella (do?).

The second day played schnitzel with potatoes and already made me clear that she Fries or test them, which not is that of trans fats, so I did them in pure and he ate bad WINS. We ate bread with Sausage (which in my chiqui island would be a pa amb oli) because otherwise not, but bread in France, of all colors. Because she only cereal bread and little, that fattening.On the third day I took it to buy and said he seized what they need, what they were accustomed to eating. Charge of salads.