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The water is enriched with a mixture of sea and Crystal salt. A fine salt film formed on the skin and protects against drying out. The rose oil stimulates cell regeneration of the skin and makes it smooth and supple. The float is float a still relatively young spa treatment. An about 30 cm lower float tank is filled with well-tempered and enriched with natural Crystal salt bath water. Due to the high density of the salt floats the body like in zero gravity. Float is pain, reduces stress and tension.

The highly concentrated salt water has a skin caring effect. Whether with muted accompaniment or color therapy for the float relax mind and body. Liquid sound is a musical experience of a special kind: floating in the water, underwater music will sound. The sounds reach the body directly over water in vibrations and lead to deep relaxation and pleasant feeling of well-being. Whether classical, jazz, shallow electronic music or sounds from the natural liquid sounds are a Experience of the extra class.

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