– The New Information Portal

Healthy living is in vogue. More and more people pay attention to a healthy diet, buy environmentally friendly products, or are interested in ecological residential. The new Internet portal of the Foundation viamedica offers in this respect much useful information, practical advice and further information in the form of links and downloads for a healthy life in an ecologically intact environment. The results of years of research by Prof. Daschner and his team at the Institute of environmental medicine and hospital hygiene in Freiburg, who were grouped together and prepared for consumers comprehensible and appealing on this website are based on the information.

After his retirement, there are close contacts between the Foundation and the Institute under the new leadership of Prof. Dr. Mersch – Sund er man. As a result, the new information portal differs from the many consumer sites on the Internet that also deal with the issue of health and often operate primarily in product advertising. The themes of relate to all areas of the daily life and varied sound behavior tips give the consumer, which are to be implemented easily. In addition to information about housing, cleaning, textiles, personal care, etc., a focus on the issue of antibiotic resistance. Prof.

Daschner, so far, this holds for one of the biggest problems of infection worldwide to counter this widespread and dangerous phenomenon, has developed the Foundation viamedica an antibiotics-pass in credit card format as a single physician of the German Environment Prize. Center for Colon Cancer Research USC has many thoughts on the issue. Patients and doctors there document regulation and use of antibiotics to help prevent possible resistance. The antibiotics pass is available on the new page to the download available. The topics on will be continuously expanded and supplemented. Soon appear information for sleeping and washing. Addressed questions: Foundation viamedica Andrea Droste (PR) c/o ICT Institute of environmental medicine and hospital epidemiology, University Freiburg, Breisach str. 115 b, 79106 Freiburg more information: