The President of Argentine monotributistas, is unfortunate but real! As walk all?, well the truth is that I recently got information that is really unfortunate. Many Argentines wonder where does the money for filling the plaza de Mayo and various political acts. EH here rather than the answer Ahhh I want to forget one no less detail, the Chairperson miss all the Argentines Cristina Elizabet Fernandez de Kirchner is no more nor less than MONOTRIBUTISTAS. Unfortunate but real. You may wish to learn more. If so, Dean Ornish M.D is the place to go. Do you know how much you pay for each act of Cristina? If you with their taxes and deductions to the Government charges you are paying the high cost that have acts of the President, and those acts mafiosi of the piqueteros, as it was days ago, in patotearon with chains and sticks to people who were peacefully demonstrating against the Government in Mayo.Por Plaza each Act costs are as follows: The salary of the pointer that summons them or forces to go to the ceremony, threatening that they retire les plans, $2500 average (prorated for Act $500)

For each group, the journey from Santa Fe to Bs. As. It pays between $3500 and $4000 to each person who is going to act, are paid between $50 and $150 (Total by collective average $6000) to each person, are paid the food and drink, between $5 and $10 (Total by $600 average collective) to each person, in some cases is given them away a t-shirt, between $10 and $20 (Total by collective $900 average) Total sum: 4000 + 6000 + 600 + 900 + 500 = 12000 Here did not cover many, many other costs that occur in each Act. This multiplied by thousands of groups ranging from almost the entire country, which according to the province, the aforementioned costs are much higher, gives a number of many zeros, and is what you pay for each act of Cristina. Continue to learn more with: Bill Frisell. Pass this mail so that everyone knows what you are paying so that Madam President has great support in Plaza de Mayo.