I Scream Forest

What is it, what excited? who are we? What we do? help and help people is what touches us I cry on the forest Yes, if stupidity, jealousy, drawer thinking, fear, injustice and prejudice on me falling like stones that threaten to crush one, then cry I to the forest. Forest, meadows, benches are without prejudices, here, every place can take and his thoughts, grant free wings. What am I? A man! Who am I? I! Why am I? To live! What inspires me? People! What thrilled me yet? People! Is there anything? Nature! Anything else? People to help, to change and to see this development! What I read I guess? Brave new world, the monk who sold his Ferrari, Farajallah, conversations with God, the greatest NetWorker in the world, for Glennkill, that makes sense what I do for people? Share what irks me? Envy, hatred and negative thinking, whining, polluters, non-smokers who think they would be the better person what options I offer? I offer those who want to get a good chance with much work by the extra income in their own independent business. Also shops and self-employed, the possibility expanding with new products to revive its business and to achieve a better customer loyalty. What I wish? My life to live as I want to can experience all the highs and low even, learn and thereby broaden my horizons. See how mankind changed positively and me, with all about delight. The money loses its power and love and trust is the new means of payment in the future. I wish all they come there in life where they want to go. Robert Weber