In The Heart Of Cuban Escambray

To live a fascinating experience with nature, the call destination is the mountain area of Tope de Collantes in the Sierra del Escambray, one of the three major mountain ranges of Cuba, which belongs to the province of Sancti Spiritus. This picturesque mountain scenery, located 800 meters above sea level and about 20 km from the city, has become a privileged place for developing ecotourism in Cuba, as well as health tourism. Thanks to the spectacular color of the vegetation, the richness of its flora and fauna, beautiful waterfalls and caves, and exciting family outings organized by the local guides, this place is a favorite of lovers Cuban wildlife. Undoubtedly any visitor will be captivated by this scene of stunning natural beauty, the home of several endemic species of flora and fauna. Due to wet weather there are many species of orchids, mosses, lichens, ferns and forests of pine and eucalyptus. The fauna is rich in birds and invertebrates. The observation of abundant populations of parrots is fascinating, a constant invitation to photograph. It is also possible to observe an extraordinary variety of plants and flowers, among which stands out the colorful butterflies, the national flower of Cuba.

For the benefits and caprices of its relief, Topes de Collantes is a paradise for lovers of hiking and caving, as well as for those who enjoy bathing in natural pools and waterfalls. Leisure in the wilderness of Cuban Escambray is aimed primarily offers group tours. Among the most visited trails are those of sweet potato, Caburni, Garden of Giants, to name a few. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Cancer Research UK on most websites.