WOM is weitererzahlbarer small and large companies and their brands, products and services. As the first full service word of mouth (WoM) marketing provider of Mr. offers Switzerland and one of the few mouth service provider in the German-speaking world. WOM 360 degree solutions for Word of mouth marketing from one source: strategy, implementation, WoM systems & channels, as well as training. Together with a team of freelance experts and specialized marketing provider of Word of mouth marketing sub-disciplines from guerrilla & viral marketing, media research & planning to storytelling and social media developed MR. WOM strategies and campaigns for optimal further er Countability for Bertolli or PROfresh (fisherman BBs friend). More information about MR. WOM you will find under: Word of mouth marketing word of mouth (WoM) known also as Word of mouth is the oldest form of communication in the world. Called by word of mouth, if customers together to exchange information and experiences about companies, brands and services. In short, If they result in brand-related conversations. At the word of mouth marketing (WoMM), companies give their customers a reason, in the positive sense about their products and services to talk and make it easier to redistribute these discussions online and in real life for them. Word of mouth marketing (WoMM) is one of the most effective and efficient marketing forms in the B2C and B2B. More than 90 percent of consumers the recommendations of their friends (Nielsen). 20 to 50 percent of all purchasing decisions by consumers are influenced by word of mouth (McKinsey). In the United States, Europe, as well as in the Switzerland word of mouth is the most important decision driver in the business-to-business now the most important touch point (point of customer contact) for consumer choice and B2B events area. For more information about word of mouth marketing at: contact for media enquiries mark Leinemann, founder & chief advocate, MR. WOM Tel: + 41 71 460 1070 eMail: