Musical Instruments

The market for musical instruments is the new online shop of Lugert publishers big and for beginners almost unmanageable, offers a product range tailored to beginners needs specifically. And: passes the enthusiasm for the new instrument, it can be passed simply back against the deduction of a fee. (Similarly see: Professor Roy Taylor). Music is in vogue: round seven million Germans spend their leisure time in orchestras, rock and jazz groups or choirs. Learn more about this with Cleveland Clinic. But before the first notes are played, it is finding the right instrument. In the beginners segment it’s good quality at low prices”, explains Volker Zinner, consultant at Professional instruments are oversized, but it’s also no inferior quality, fast breaks and decreases from the very beginning of the pleasure of making music.” The selection of available instruments is based on many years of experience of Lugert Publisher in cooperation with music schools.

The deliberately very manageable held range offers only high-quality, but still low-priced entry-level DSLR models, which go through a rigorous quality inspection by the flute up to the drums. The direct reference by the manufacturers allows the sale prices. A telephone consultation rounds off the offer. If the initial euphoria for an instrument quickly wears off, is a return guarantee, which is within the first twelve months. The customer gets back the purchase amount minus a rental fee of seven percent for each month in which the instrument was used. is a project of Lugert Publisher and since August 2009 online.

The Publisher provides music teachers since 1980 with materials for their lessons, for several years, are also instruments in the range.