Own Pharaoh

Ramses cannot believe what is happening. Sorts desperately the defense but the brutal onslaught of the Hittite Chariots, much more heavy but less maneuverable than the Egyptians, mercilessly crushes Egyptian units. The Egyptian infantry, dispersed by the offensive, is quickly annulled and his weak reaction power directs his effort to seek the salvation of units Amon and Ra, where is located the Pharaoh, who resists with all his strength. The divisions behind it, ranging from name Ptah and Sutekh, ignored the danger that is about to fall and continue to move. Almost 10,000 Egyptians lost their lives and defeat seems inevitable.

However, something unthinkable happens: with the virtually defeated foe, the Hittites irresponsibly devoted their efforts to pillaging and the systematic looting. Own Pharaoh owes his life to the greed of the Hittites who try to collect the prize that was promised them: if they reached the victory, could be charged as liked the favor of having paid for the war their tanks, donated by the soldiers at the inability of the State to afford new ones. A salvation and treatment of unexpected peace. The ambition therefore marks the turning point of the battle. Muwatalli II, from his battle, attends the consummation of a feast. Taking everything in their favor to make victory, the Hittite King loses a fabulous opportunity to annihilate the remaining three divisions. Ramses, who is informed that the remaining divisions were very close, leverages the generalized prey to break the encirclement of Hittite battle tanks and to stay safe by opening step until you reach the other side of the Orontes River. In that sense, of enormous importance were the participation of thousands of notable Egyptian archers, taking advantage of the Hittite by entering the Egyptian field, push launched a huge attack of arrows that caused a terrible carnage. Seeing change its star, Ramesses ordered a realignment of its forces.