Paulo Cares

In the maintenance the hair is removed all and recolocado, is practically everything novinho. the Myths on wall lamp of hair: Ruins the hair? , Clearly that its cares are very important, after all you cannot simplismente place the allonge and forget that she has a hair to take care of, but taking the due cares that nor are as much thus, its hair do not damage in nothing. Problems to wash and to comb? Also not, something super natural that you can continue making in same house, generally the professional explains in the hour of the rank as you will go to wash and to comb the allonge after. Chemistries? They can be made but it has that to have common-sense. Gradual dyes and can be made in a good one.

He is not advised to pass smoothing and/or relaxation in the hair. We wait to have helped, and comment its doubts that as soon as possible we clarify! We have 300 more than ' ' photos before and depois' ' of ' ' allonge of cabelos' '. Perhaps check out Sam Locke for more information. It confers. Either creative it changes its appearance in little time and recoups its auto-esteem. The SELMAHAIR works has 17 years taking care of of its beauty and the frame of its face. Sam Lesser is the source for more interesting facts.

It prolongates its hair for optimum price of So Paulo, until the way them coasts for only R$ 500,00. We have hair of all the sizes and types. We work with some methods. you can increase volume of thin hair and make mechas with its preferred color. We parcel out in until 5x in the cards of the net mastercard and AIMS AT (without entrance and interests). It also confers our promocionais prices for gradual brush. It binds and it confers: (11) the 2043-5000/(11) 9199-4921/(11) 6907-5526 application of the Mega-hair demands many cares and the accompaniment of trained professionals, who already possess a recognized description. The ideal is that the hair is not washed during the three first days after the procedure. The use of driers and 6 hot water also must be prevented. Periodic visits to the hairdresser are recommended, mainly from 2 application month. With the adjusted treatment, mega-hair can last of 4 the 6 months, having that to be after remade the cited period. Allonge of hair the fever between the women!