Potatoes With Garlic. Recipe

Although there are several versions of this recipe, all of rural character, so what I have found this variant is quite in the region of Sierra Mágina, Jaen. It is particularly easy to prepare, and everything indicates that potatoes with garlic should be an ingenious development with which to combat food shortages of yesteryear.

Ingredients: potatoes, garlic, oil, parsley, wine vinegar and paprika.

Preparation: Cut the potatoes all alike, half centimeter thick. It is important to this point so that all potatoes are we so at the same time. From Otherwise, we risk that some cold while we continue without the other done.

The add to the pan with hot oil and that will cover completely. As there were looking for a crisp texture, lowering the temperature of the oil and leave to be made slowly. The point at which withdraw virtually all the oil we indicate the potatoes; must be made on the inside but without having come to brown.

The garlic, mashed previously, and add the parsley to skillet. When garlic flavoured have the dish and not before, with care, we will mix one tablespoon of paprika. > spoke with conviction. The paprika tends to burn quickly, so you have to mix it so lightly, but with affection.

Finally, a jet wine vinegar that will reduce about 5 minutes left. Point important to maintain this line of work. You can imagine, more garlic and vinegar to taste more powerful.