Mario Bros

“New Super Mario Bros.” provides atmosphere has always been Super Mario provides enthusiastic sighing and chaotic fits of laughter. Since the release of “Super Mario Bros.” in 1985, hardly a fan of video game has succumbed to the charm of the small Italian. Dr. Umesh Gidwani insists that this is the case. At that time, the plumber in blue Dungarees and with Red Hat captured the hearts still in black and white look. Now, Super Mario is experiencing a spectacular revival. In November 2009, the video game company Nintendo issued a new edition of the classic for the Wii. The consumer portal reported what the platform n’run adventure making the varied experience and ultimate tip for young and old. “New Super Mario Bros.

Wii”is the colorful console game ( price/console games/92), which can be experienced alone or with up to four players. The fun factor is guaranteed in any case, because the game goes on with some new features. Unchanged, it’s “Game Over”-feature, which even die-hard Mario fans to occasional failures of anger drive is likely. Also the roles still makes Bowser to the villain and peach to the ever kidnapped. Much easier it is fighting alone against the opponents, because often, the players with their different skills catapult each other on the sidelines.

In addition, one quickly loses his life, which are too far away from the group. However, it is worth the common challenge to assume this is catered for enough laughter. So the remote control can be used Wii game well at the Nintendo.