Custody Shared

The modality of joint custody has been extending its validity and implemented in most countries due to its great benefits, corroborated by numerous psychological studies that extol its benefits with respect to single-parent custody of face to the integral development of the child. At Ben Dark you will find additional information. Among others, are cited as main advantages in this regard that:-means a better relationship of both parents among themselves and with their children, finding them more satisfied with the frequency and duration of their meetings and also allowing greater flexibility and adaptation to the situation of each. -This in turn implies that, free of frustration and setbacks that could cause that was granted custody to a single parent, parents can focus on what is truly essential: the care and attention to their children. -In addition, to promote the consolidation of a friendly relationship and cooperation between parents, will be possible to reduce the conflicts between both, among other areas, with a view to the payment of the alimony in favour of children. -Allows to mitigate the possible negative effects of divorce on children, including their introversion, the development of anti-social behaviors or loss of self-esteem and confidence of the same. -With this it will be possible to reduce the chance that the child will experience school problems, thus reducing the risk of school failure.

-In addition, the child will adapt more quickly and will have a more positive disposition towards themselves of their new situation regarding changes to which would be presented with a single-parent custody regime. -To improve such adaptation, cases of conduct or aggressive behaviors in the same are observed to one much lesser extent. As you can see, the positive aspects of this form of custody are very noticeable, and while it is true that requires a certain effort and commitment from the parents to enable it properly to term, at the end that effort worth it, and will result in a better relationship of both with your sons. Sit and talk with tranquility and constructive effort can be the first step towards a future happiness. Begona basin Alcaine original author and source of the article