Psychiatric Medicine

The concepts of quality of life is subjective sense Eel welfare of each individual derived from the daily experience of its vidau (Sanz, 1991). It's something personal, intimate, like what are the reasons why we refuse to perform the recommended (Liang, 1989). The individual is the best judge of their own quality of life. What is quality of life is more open to philosophical disquisitions that a scientific approach. However, it is necessary to conceptualize precisely for two reasons: 1U determine is exactly what is meant by good and poor quality of life, what parameters define its weight and the subjective and the objective, and 2U Set the multidimensional quality of life term , for intervention programs aimed at promoting health in the elderly. From a normative or moral conception of quality of life has a strict ethical conditions which differentiates good from bad, to do what not to do, which allowed the forbidden.

Quality of life becomes a huge moralidadu. From the evaluative context, the term quality of life is a statistical index that allows for different levels, higher or lower quality of life in the welfare function economic. From the descriptive point of view, the term quality, comes from the Latin equalitasu, which means what a person makes in quality, so the individual and different from other living beings. Autonomasia quality by the human being is the reason, so that quality of life comes to be identified as rationality. In Castilian is a second meaning of quality of ecalidezu, the quality of what you have warm or hot. Quality of life would thus life warm, cozy, comfortable.

Sociology Since the quality of life or life satisfaction of elderly Ees the result of adaptation and evolution of personality to the society in which viveu. From the Psychiatric Medicine, the quality of life is a concept and internal epersonal based on the integration of several factors related to the idea of self, and with the individual's interaction with his external world and their projects existencialesu (Bobes, 1993); All assessments would be the individual does on each of the domains of your life actualu (Lawton, 1984), considered as a whole, with reference to past, present and future (Garcia Riano and Ibanez, 1992). Since organi Medicine would be a tangential term between health and disease. Something measurable objective. Having good quality of life would be in good health, while at the other end, the disease would have no welfare (quality of life) eaquel understood as that is not right, you have some condition, which lacks health energy, etc.u.