Pope Juan Pablo

When I received the diagnosis I felt so annoying with doctors after two years Parkinson, I was very young for this, my first I remember Pope Juan Pablo II and think that I felt grief and sadness for his illness and he was about to live the same, I was completely scared didn’t want to live like this, didn’t want to live that way, I was not able to cope with this weight. I was an independent woman, professional with as many goals, wanted to study the doctorate, my daughters one baby and a girl of five years did them would care? You not react at the moment, I am like in shock could not understand at all, not dimensionaba the type of disease facing me, makes up the days pass you cry, suffer, pataleas and enter into a process of acceptance, after all is no alternative. At the beginning it is very complicated to go out because you think that all you see or reach certain places can be exhausting, especially when they do not respect parking for disabled crates or are parked on ramps. I remember as at the beginning of the disease you will experience feelings of insecurity and shame, I was shameful to walk in the halls and esplanades of the University with that so ungainly walk gave small steps with great effort and feeling all those looks on me between curious, with pena and others with mockery. I safe women that didn’t matter which will say, with a dress style very personal, mercadologa Finally, the rules and social patterns I were totally indifferent, I flaqueo, I lost my security, but only for a short time, analyze it and my inner voice told me what is your problem? Do you can’t walk well? Get a cane that will help you, not you walk better but give you confidence not to fall and left to feel pity for you. .